10 Tips to make your office space clutter free

Author : JohnSmith
Publish Date : 2021-12-16 13:33:43
10 Tips to make your office space clutter free

You decide to work from home and you think it's easy because you save time traveling and you are your own boss. But at the same time, you will find that your home office desk and space is a complete mess where you really have to dig to find simple stationery or your cell phone. So how can you get rid of clutter and maintain a clean space for your home office. Well, here are some tips that will not only help you clean the space but also help keep the space clean every day.

1. Organize

Just because you're your own boss and you don't have a colleague to comment on your organizational skills doesn't mean you can get confused about your mail, papers, and more. The first step in removing clutter from your home office and what you need to use is office trolleys, which you don't need, may need in the future, everyday.

2. Sort everything

Once you've got everything organized, it's time to get things organized with office trolley. If you haven't seen paper cutting in a long time, chances are you'll never see it again so throw it away. Also, keep only information that you think is not readily available on the Internet. Anything found on the internet should be discarded.

3. Group similar items

Once you've solved it, it's time to group the same things together. Your unpaid bills, official documents, electricity bills and any other documents should be grouped separately. Group the smallest items together so that the next time you need a board pin or pen or paper clip you don't have to slide it into your drawer.

4. Use colour coded files

Once all the important papers have been sorted and grouped, you can store them in separate color-coded files so that they can be easily retrieved when you need them in the future. You also get various coloured file folders for stacking your important papers and documents.

5. Wheel furniture

Since this is your home office and you want to keep it neat and tidy and more spacious, you should go for wheel furniture. Like a wheeled office chair or a wheeled trolley to hold your files or papers. Wheel furniture is easy to manage if you have limited space or want to move it to another room.

6. Avoid foldable table / desk

No matter how much you feel attracted to foldable cupboards, tables or study tables, avoid them like a plague. Simply because of the ease of folding them, they become the most cluttered part of the home office. So go for the usual sturdy office table or study tables that can be used as an office desk.

7. Keep a backup

Try backing up all the important files stored in the CD, or scan all the important papers and keep it in your mail or on your website where it is readily available when you need it.

8. Recycle unused content

Do you have a lot of spare stationery? Don't throw it away. Instead, provide extra stationery to schools or institutions that cannot afford basic stationery due to lack of funds. They will appreciate your donation and the stationery will be used by someone in need.

9. Discretionary use of space

Even if you have a lot of space to keep everything, it is a good idea to sort everything once a month so that you can sort the things you don't need and use your space wisely to give the house a clean look. Office So if you have overhead shelves, use them to keep files, or papers that you don't need regularly, that you will need every day.

10. Ten-minute rule

Once your home office is tidy make sure you spend only ten minutes every day before you finish work and clean the desk, shred all the unwanted paper and put everything in its proper place. This practice will save you time the next day and you will be able to accomplish more with a clean desk in the morning.

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