5 Tips for Living Your Best Life in a New Condo

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Publish Date : 2021-04-10 07:07:47
5 Tips for Living Your Best Life in a New Condo

Alberta condo owners experience one of the best living situations possible in the area. For individuals moving from apartments or traditional homes, experiencing your first year of condo living can be a drastic improvement compared to your prior living experiences.

Condo owners enjoy increased flexibility with designing the interior look of their new home while benefiting from a wide selection of amenities apartments typically don’t offer. This new freedom can almost seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry - you’ll get used to it in no time at all.

You’ve worked hard to finalize the condo-buying process, and now it is time to celebrate. While you are likely aware of the benefits of owning a condo year down the road (like being able to generate additional income by renting it out), you may not know there are numerous advantages you can start enjoying as soon as today.

Living your best life in a new condo is easy! Over a period of time, you’ll come to fully understand all of the benefits that come with condo ownership. There are a few perks, however, that you can begin to enjoy right away. Read on to discover why you’ve just made an incredible living choice!

Ways You can “Live Your Best Life” in Your New Condo

1.Enjoy the Amenities Offered to New Condo Owners

When you’re brand-new to condo living, the number of amenities available in most buildings can seem unreal. Your condo fees typically cover unlimited use of many of these activities available to you. You can finally make that commitment to work out before work every day thanks to the gym close by.

Perhaps there’s an indoor theatre available for residents, taking your Friday movie nights to an entirely different level. Many condo amenities even include pools, so you can swim some laps in the evening to destress after a long day. You may find yourself taking up hobbies you never considered before!

2. Meet Your Neighbors by Throwing a “Condo-Warming” Party

One of the most important new condo tips is to make friends with your neighbors early on. What better way to meet others than by throwing a “condo-warming” party for yourself? Invite your neighbors to your new home and learn the ins and outs of the social activities going on.

If you’ve just bought a condo in an unfamiliar city, making friends with your neighbors is the perfect way to get a local perspective on the best restaurants, bars, and sightseeing activities nearby. You’ll also have resources for answering questions that may come up in your first few months of condo living.

3. Make Your New Space Your Own

A great way to celebrate the fact that you’re new to condo ownership is by taking time to plan out your living space. If you’ve just moved from an apartment, chances are, you’re very familiar with the restrictive nature of apartments when it comes to making any permanent alterations to your home.

With most condos, the decorating and design of your home’s interior are up to you. That means you can have those bright, orange-painted walls you’ve always wanted, or you can hang as many paintings as you want around the area. The flexibility of interior decorating in your condo is one of the most fun aspects of condo ownership!

4. Start Traveling As You’ve Always Wanted

Alberta condo owners have the advantage of being in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. However, it’s always nice to be able to leave for a faraway vacation without having to stress about maintenance or security issues.

Unlike living in a traditional home, condo owners don’t have to worry about having someone watch their home while they are away. Many condos have considerable security features enabled (including hiring professional guards). Additionally, as a condo owner, you’re not responsible for the outside of your condo. You won’t have the added anxiety of wondering what’s happening to your home when you’re away.

5. Reap the Benefits of Your Condo Association

Another perk new condo owners may not be aware of until further into their own is that your condo association helps alleviate much of the hassle that comes along with living in shared spaces. For example, if a neighbor has an aggressive dog, the condo association will likely address the situation quickly and appropriately.

Your condo association will also help ensure the condos always appear tidy, with landscaped lawns and pest-free living spaces.

Have you recently become a unit owner at a Catalyst Condo Management property? Do you have questions about condo living? Contact us directly. We’re here to help!

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