As the Padres headed into their final two exhibitions in Arizona Sunday morning

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Publish Date : 2021-03-29 03:45:44
As the Padres headed into their final two exhibitions in Arizona Sunday morning

As the Padres headed into their final two exhibitions in Arizona Sunday morning, Padres manager Jayce Tingler had some final thoughts on spring training.
“We’ll have more clarity Monday morning on final roster decisions,” said Tingler. “Some of those decisions will be who is healthy and which guys are going on the injured list.
“As a group, we’re really ready to get back to San Diego. But it’s important to stay where we are at. I’ve had some goals — the overall big picture — some of the guys have passed. Besides a couple of injuries here and there we feel good where the group is at. We need to maintain some rhythm and timing the next two days.
“The biggest difference this year and last season … last year was such a sprint with the importance of starting fast and keeping it going. That was big. We have to get a bit more big picture now with 162 games and understand that it’s going to be long and it’s important not to get too excited or too down. We’re going to have some moments during the season … stay the course and play the marathon game. We have to be incredibly disciplined to stay in the middle and play our game.”

Tingler took note of recent improvement in the bullpen: “The last few days are exactly what you hope for. At the beginning of camp, guys working on things and shaking off some rust. The last week or so, we’ve seen guys start to sharpen up, not only with their stuff but with their command.”
Young prospects Tucupita Marcano and CJ Abrams are still in the Major League camp “gaining experience” and Tingler noted that Marcano has a chance to make the Opening Day roster:
“We haven’t made final decisions on a couple of those guys,” said Tingler. “Marcano definitely is in the fight. We’re still waiting to see where we are health-wise … still making a final call with position players and the bullpen as well over these last two days.
“I like Marcano’s versatility, the ability to play defense in a lot of different spots. The ability to get the barrel to the ball, the at-bats … the ability to put the ball in play early in the count and with two strikes. It’s just kind of everything you’ve seen him do in spring training everything you’ve seen him do of late while facing even a little more competition. His overall play has kept him in the fight.
“We’ve known he is capable of doing it. It’s been a pleasant surprise to see him play so well. We know he has the skill set. The surprise is being able to do it in spring training at such a young age (21).”
Tingler discussed the gains being made by Jake Cronenworth: “It’s very nice to see … just his overall game. To see someone who had a fantastic year in 2020 go into the off-season making improvements and gains in a lot of different areas and to come out here and see those gains. It’s exactly what you want to see. He’s running faster now, his at-bats are even better now, defensively he’s a little cleaner.”

Earlier this month, we announced that we’d be making a mad dash to a wide open public mainnet, with arbitrary contract deployment. Gas prices were at an all time high and we felt overwhelming pressure to charge to mainnet as quickly as possible.
Since the initial announcement, we’ve received an enormous amount of feedback from the community. The expedited timeline took most projects by surprise and we did not give ample notice for our community to prepare for launch. We were overeager to give everyone the speed & cost savings that Synthetix users have been enjoying(~$10.1 million dollars saved on fees across 103,775 transactions). In our excitement, we only considered our own needs and failed to consider our partners’ timelines & requirements.
An uncoordinated rush into L2 without enough community preparation is dangerous. As we’ve seen on other chains, there is a very real risk of popular dapps getting forked and launched by adversaries with the intention of defrauding users.

Today we are announcing that we are delaying official public mainnet in favor of a more coordinated community launch. Our goal is to make sure that foundational projects, infrastructure providers, block explorers, wallets, and token bridges have time to integrate, audit and test.
Community is the most important part of Optimistic Ethereum and listening to your feedback is critical. We’ve spent the last two weeks re-shaping our engineering processes to make contributions, integrations, and visibility much easier for members of the ecosystem. Additionally, we’ve made the switch from giving major updates only once in a while, to giving more frequent updates in our Discord.
We’ve learned a lot these past months. The demand and interest in what we’re building has ballooned beyond our imagination, and this requires a shift in how we operate and communicate as a team.
We will be keeping the deployer whitelist on our current mainnet for a little longer while we run through the integrations process with at least a dozen more early adopter projects. These projects are infrastructural and foundational to the success of the projects that follow them, and the whitelist may shrink or expand as we gather more data. For example — one integration we did not consider at the outset was the importance of a multisig so developers can safely manage keys for their projects. Integrations like these are currently in progress and we will be announcing them once complete, on a rolling basis. Please note that the whitelist only restricts who can deploy, not who can use!
So far, the community growth has been incredible. To keep the momentum going, we will be opening testnet to hackers on April 20 for the Scaling Ethereum hackathon. From now until then, we will still be integrating whitelisted projects in parallel so that we can begin alleviating gas pain in advance of public launch.
Our rough estimate for public mainnet launch is July. Please keep in mind that timelines are only estimates. Our main heuristic for opening mainnet to the broader public is stability and ecosystem readiness.
Opening mainnet to the public is not something we can do alone — it will be a collaborative effort between us, projects, and core infrastructure providers like oracles, wallets, nodes & explorers. When we launch, we will do so together as a community ❤.
Thanks to the following community members for review and feedback: Waffles, halfinney, PSY_TWEAK, GarlicMan, Akarin, Vee, CodeMe, t11s.

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