Best Quality Assurance Job Description Template

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Best Quality Assurance Job Description Template

This Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer project description template can allow you to save time, bring qualified applicants and employ finest workers.


To be able to draw Quality Assurance Engineer that best fits your requirements, it's extremely important to compose a very clear and exact Quality Assurance Engineer job description.


To compose a successful Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer job description, then you want to know exactly what an Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer does.


Quality Assurance Engineers are responsible for analyzing the standard of specifications and technical design documents to be able to guarantee timely, pertinent and meaningful opinions. They're involved with planning and executing strategies for quality testing and management.


Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer project description: Intro

Each Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer project description should begin with an intriguing, eye catching introduction.


Here's an Notion of what this introduction to Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer project description might look like:


As a Quality Assurance Engineer, you'll be accountable for creating and executing a plan for quality testing and coordination in addition to suggesting solutions to recognized quality issues.


Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer project description must include the following responsibilities and duties:


Evaluation existing products and identifying deficiencies

Suggest solutions to identified merchandise issues

Explore product quality so as to make improvements to Attain better client satisfaction

Program, Produce and manage the general Quality Planning strategy

Collaborate using the Product Development staff to ensure consistent job implementation

Identify quality assurance procedure bottleneck and propose activities for advancement

Oversee constant improvement jobs

Collect quality information

Identify vital KPIs for product quality

Prepare and present metrics and reports to Senior Management

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer job description: Job demands and credentials

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer project description must contain the following prerequisites and credentials:

Scale your business without boundaries. Hire & employ talent - anywhere (Remote Hiring)

X years of experience as a Quality Assurance Engineer

X years of expertise with a Number of different testing methods like UI Testing, Automated Testing, Test Driven Development Plans and other

X years of experience with programming utilizing JAVA, HTML5, DB2, XML

X years of experience with internet security technology

X years of experience with applications QA tools and procedures

a Feeling of pride and ownership on your performance and its Effect on the Organization's achievement

Critical thinker and problem-solving abilities

Team participant

Great time-management abilities

Great interpersonal and communication ability


Job short


We're searching for a Quality Assurance (QA) engineer to develop and implement qualitative and automated tests to guarantee product quality.


QA engineer duties include designing and executing evaluations, debugging and specifying corrective actions.


The QA tech role has a significant role in our company's product development procedure. Our ideal candidate will be responsible for conducting evaluations before product launches to guarantee applications runs smoothly and meets customer requirements, while being cheap. Should you hold a digital history and revel in supplying end-to-end answers to software quality issues, we want to meet with you.


In the end, you need to track all phases of software development to identify and solve system malfunctions to meet standards.




Evaluation requirements, specifications and technical design records to supply timely and meaningful comments

Create comprehensive, comprehensive and well-structured test strategies and test cases

Estimate, prioritize, organize and plan testing activities

Design, build and implement automation scripts with open source resources

Identify, document, record completely and monitor insects

Perform comprehensive regression testing when bugs have been solved

Create and employ testing procedures for new and Present products to meet customer needs

Liaise with internal groups (e.g. programmers and product managers) to identify system requirements

Monitor debugging process results

Explore the causes of non-conforming applications and train users to execute answers

Track quality assurance metrics, such as defect densities and open defect counts

Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and evaluation strategies


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Proven work experience in applications development

Proven work experience in software quality assurance

Strong understanding of software QA methodologies, tools and procedures

Expertise in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test strategies and test cases

Hands-on expertise with both white box and black box testing

Hands-on expertise with automated testing tools

Strong knowledge of SQL and Profession

Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development procedure

Expertise with functionality and/or safety testing is a plus

BS/MS diploma in Computer Science, Engineering or a related topic


A QA engineer's responsibilities can be comprehensive and diverse. They normally perform the following tasks together with some regularity:


Document test instances

Perform and record risk analysis

Record test progress and outcomes

Code automated evaluations

Create test plans

Create standards and processes to determine product quality and launch readiness

Discover bugs inside applications

Drive creation and enhance entire testing procedures

Identify, isolate, and monitor insects throughout analyzing

Identify any possible Issues That users may experience

Perform manual and automatic testing

Research and examine product features being analyzed

Research new instruments, technology, and analyzing procedures

Review user interfaces for functionality and consistency

Software and computer technology are inclined to be higher paying subjects.


A QA engineer needs to have a comprehensive comprehension of QA testing environments and applications development life cycles. Instruction and certification are also demanded.


Expertise: Ahead practical experience could be valuable, so you could think about working a succession of internships while at college. Gain an comprehension of software QA methodologies, tools, and procedures, understanding of SQL and scripting, working experience in applications development and software quality assurance, and maintain current with present trends and newest progress.

Accreditation: there's not any permit or certificate necessary for this particular position.

A software quality assurance engineer should have strong abilities in a number of classes: engineering and technology, science and mathematics, verbal and written communication, problem-solvingskills, logic and reasoning, and technical abilities.


Communication abilities: Clear and precise verbal and written communication is essential, but a top quality computer software assurance engineer should have over just a little tact. Your work is to inform other professionals that they have done something wrong and the program or program they have put time, money, and emotion to producing does not get the job done correctly. That is something no one wants to hear.

Capability to work within a group: You may not be the sole real software quality assurance engineer in your organization, and you will surely be working with other developers and members of different sections. You have to understand and value their targets and objectives and, sometimes, describe issues and necessary answers.

Time management skills: component of functioning on a team means working in other people's timelines and completing your job in reasonable deadlines. You won't understand when a problem may appear, therefore keeping on program may call for powerful time management skills.

Job Outlook


Job growth in this field is expected to be approximately 5% to 9 percent through 2026. It is anticipated that over 22,000 jobs ought to be inserted from 2016 through 2026.


Work Environment


Software quality engineers operate in many different fields. You may find them analyzing whether a plane's control system matches required performance criteria, designing a strategy to check possible human errors in an automatic system for medication delivery, or ensuring that a video game will not crash just when you are going to carry out the poor man.


You will devote a few of your time on the pc, assessing information and solving problems, however that is not to say you'll work in an individual emptiness. Roughly 85 percent of these working in this place report which they have face-to-face contact others daily. About 77% state they invest the huge majority of their times seated, nevertheless.


Work Schedule


This is normally a fulltime place, but it might count on the business. Some smaller companies may not have requirements that take a full-time employees in this capacity.

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Business Introduction



When constructing applications, you go through numerous phases. From first requirements to product launch, it is integral to make sure that all works in accordance with specification.


That is why we're trying to find an excellent assurance engineer to help us preserve our world-renowned amount of quality and dependability.


By joining our staff, you may get involved in a variety of jobs, assessing software quality by designing and executing software testing procedures. You may take possession of code quality via exploratory and automatic evaluations. You may hunt pests, identify topics, report themand see that they are dealt with.


There are not any shortcuts in attaining greatness: it is a good deal of work. But as soon as you're in the very top, you will like the view.



Evaluation and analyze specifications, requirements, and technical design documents, providing timely comments

Create detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test strategies and test cases

Prioritize and plan testing tasks

Perform the role of evaluation engineer: Design, build, and implement automated tests

Identify and document topics found, then confirm that issues are solved

Perform regression testing



Proven work experience in software quality assurance

Strong understanding of software QA methodologies, tools, and procedures

Hands-on expertise with automated testing tools

Keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence

Be Ready to assist your teammates, discuss your knowledge together, and find out from these

Be receptive to receiving constructive comments and turning it into process enhancements




Quality Assurance Engineer Job Overview:

We are seeking a Quality Assurance Engineer to help us ensure our clients have an wonderful experience on the site, whenever that they use it. You've got outstanding customer support and troubleshooting abilities, but you also have the backend know how that makes it possible to manage and navigate site enhancements. Including instigating automatic evaluations to boost quality, defining a plan for enhancing performance and analyzing new features, while qualifying and enhancing data quality throughout our website. As a Quality Assurance Engineer you will also be part of the manufacturing cycle, assisting us prep our website for launching, debugging as essential, reviewing system needs, and monitoring proper metrics to make sure we are on stage with our performance projections. And not only are you going to help us fulfill our pub for high quality, you are going to help us transcend it, finding new and creative ways for us to increase it in a manner that translates into an exceptional customer experience.


Program and implement test plans and instances, creating proper reports on delivering and results appropriate sections.

Function cross-functionally together with additional Quality Assurance Engineers for testing and development of website capacity and performance, ensuring top quality during production.

Assess merchandise code and create automation scripts as required.

Effectively record testing stages, identifying and documenting flaws, bugs, mistakes, and other related difficulties.

Help the staff in troubleshooting problems that might emerge during testing stage, offering proper recommendations and implementations.

Take part in the retesting procedure once bugs and problems are solved according to strategy.

Evaluation and report on present customer offerings, ensuring that which is working as much as our high standards, offering suggestions on enhancements when necessary.

Work with product managers and supervisors to recognize and enhance system demands, supporting the staff in executing those modifications as needed.

Handle quality assurance parameters, keeping statistical process controls, assessing associated data, along with other various technical assistance as required.

Stay current with business trends in analyzing plans.

Capability to make extensive test plans and test cases, specify testing strategies, finding and solving hard bugs and mistakes.

Experience in black and white-box testing, automatic testing tools like qTest and Zephyr, and specialized skills related to troubleshooting.

Wisdom and comprehension of performance-based and security-based testing.

Strong comprehension of SQL and other databases that are associated, and Agile frameworks, is a plus.

Two or more decades of experience working as a Quality Assurance Engineer or comparable function; expertise in applications development is a plus.

Awareness of functioning in Agile or Scrum through the development Procedure.

Programming expertise within an Linux/Unix environment.

Strong communication and cooperation skills, a knack for difficulty, a desire to increase user experience, and a passion for technology.

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