Open a juice bar franchise

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Open a juice bar franchise

In the vast fast food sector, juice, soup, and smoothie bars gradually make their way in The United States, driven by organic and healthy trends. But the segment is fragile.

The juice bar trend is not successful in the United States and Australia in United States. However, if the concepts exclusively dedicated to fruit juices are struggling to find their place, hybrid formats (smoothie, milkshake, frozen yogurt, salad) and more coffee-shop-oriented brands are doing better. How to explain this disenchantment with pure juice bars? Thus, after a surge in the number of concepts dedicated to fruit juices between 2008 and 2012, franchisors had to review their copies by force of circumstances. However, the concepts highlighting vitality and freshness are promising. Why? Quite simply because the pleasure of good, healthy things is gaining ground among consumers. After several food scandals, the return to true values ​​is reassuring. This drive towards more naturalness is boosting sales of organic products. Respect for the planet is thus becoming an increasingly important argument in the purchasing decision. The health argument also hits the mark. The time has come for no coloring, no added flavors, no gluten. Taste is once again in the spotlight. All these underlying trends have revolutionized fast food in recent years. And at the heart of these trends, we find fresh fruit.

What concepts of juice bars?

We call a juice bar, or juice bar, an establishment offering fresh fruit or vegetable juices, or even smoothies, served on-demand in front of the customer. These juices are made under cold pressure to keep the vitamins as much as possible. The products used are fresh and seasonal. The preparations are to be tasted on the spot or take away. Most often, juice bar concepts take the form of corners or kiosks at the crossroads of flows (shopping arcade, busy street, train station, airport, etc.). Depending on the concept, the proposals can be limited to fresh fruit juices or expand the offer to quick preparations of salads or healthy sandwiches for a quick, healthy, and balanced lunch break. The target clientele of a juice bar is quite large: children, parents, athletes, urbanites in a hurry, etc. According to the concepts, the entry ticket to open a juice bar franchise varies between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000. This typical budget includes the purchase of equipment (centrifuges, refrigerators, counters, etc.). This low level of investment compared to other fast food concepts allows many entrepreneurs to take the plunge. Note: the creation of a juice bar can also be carried out by betting on roaming via a mobile stand or a truck equipped with a food truck type.

Networks to follow

While the juice bar trend is a hit in English-speaking countries (United States, Australia, etc.), The United States is lagging behind in the segment. However, several networks are developing with us, either integrated (the chain is developing on its funds) or franchised (the chain is developing with independent partners). Among the concepts to be followed, we can cite in particular:

Feel Juice which offers its customers food (wraps, salads, soups, various desserts) and drinks (smoothies and squeezed fruit juices to order). Launched as a franchise in 2008 in Nantes, this network is expanding over medium-sized areas of 40m² (personal contribution $ 60,000, entry fee $ 12,000, overall investment between $ 100 and $ 300,000).

Joosbayoo , acquired by the Class'Croute network in September 2011, is developing around an innovative concept combining fruit juices, smoothies, hot wraps, milkshakes, salads, soups, and pastries. This brand is mainly developed in shopping malls of large shopping centers either in boutique or kiosk format (personal contribution $ 80,000, entry fee $ 20,000, overall investment between $ 220 and $ 280,000).

Zumo, of Irish origin, was created in 2001 and began its establishment in The United States in 2008. Still active in The United States despite some financial setbacks in 2013, Zumo is recruiting franchisees. To join this network, the candidate must have a personal contribution of $ 60,000 (entry fee $ 25,000, overall investment $ 140,000).

Juju's, which is based on a mobile bar concept to take advantage of benchmark locations in business, on beaches, in shopping centers, etc. (personal contribution $ 5,000, entrance fee $ 5,000).

Or Jolijus , launched as a franchise in 2010, based on an original concept of bottling fruit juice in a mobile version (personal contribution $ 25,000, entry fee $ 3,000, overall investment $ 28,000).

By extension, two concepts are also to be discovered on fairly similar proposals:

American Coffee Shop, the network of new generation tea rooms (personal contribution $ 80,000, entry fee $ 24,000, global investment from $ 250,000).

Juju'sutetwork of organic cocoa beans and coffee shops (personal contribution $ 50,000, entry fee $ 20,000, the overall investment of $ 90 to 140,000).

If you want to start a juice shop business, you will need a good juice bar business plan.

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