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Broken down, the influences on property prices are made up of the following components, and not just. Trend developments allow meaningful forecasts by experts such as real estate agents. According to them, possible influences on the property price are Economy and income, represented by actual gross domestic product, real construction investments, and natural wage growth Population and employment such as population, work, and unemployment rate.


Real estate price development

  • Influencing factors, the price development on the real estate market:
  • Low-interest rates
  • Attractive real estate financing options
  • Fluctuations on stock exchanges and money markets
  • Rediscovery of the property as an investment object
  • Immigration companies to Germany
  • Transport infrastructures, especially in rail transport

One of the most critical components in ​​property price developments is the level of key interest rates. If these are low, this affects the property price. Added to this are inflated prices for listed properties (which have since returned to normal) and a substantial expansion of the retail space on offer. An imbalance arises that artificially increases property prices.

On the one hand, the construction and sales activities form the supply. At the same time, the demand is based on the development of interest prices, population growth, and overall economic development in a country.

Too few new buildings lead to higher real estate prices.

The supply of real estate is scarce. Even the numerous (planned) new buildings cannot cover that. By 2020, almost 400,000 apartments a year would have had to be built nationwide to meet the demand for internal migration and immigration. However, many economic planners warn that current construction activity is only a fraction of that. In individual large cities, there are such extreme disparities that not even half of the living space required in the future will be created.

Real estate as a safe investment and provision for old age

More and more consumers see real estate as a safe investment and as a provision for old age. There are many ways to invest in real estate: You can invest your money in buildings, construction projects, or real estate funds. The real state is a safe investment plan into the luxury apartments in Lahore especially in times of low savings interest rates and potentially falling pensions, real estate is considered stable value and yields returns in the form of rent. The greater the interest in buying a house or an apartment instead of renting it, the higher the prices can be set.

Low-interest rates on home loans

Interest rates are currently meager. That tempts many to buy real estate. Even expensive objects suddenly seem tangible. Consumers will find it easier than in the past to obtain a building loan, which is why more and more costly purchases are made. However, consumers should not underestimate the compound interest effect and be sure to compare different mortgage offers before taking out a loan for (too) expensive property. Interest rates on real estate loans are likely to rise in the coming months, but they will remain at a low level in all likelihood.

Expensive rental rates

High rental prices are also causing real estate prices to rise. Many tenants have received rent increases in recent years. At some point, you wonder how far that should go. In March 2018, almost every second hamburger paid half of his income for rent. Even convinced tenants falter with these numbers and calculate whether a property purchase could be more profitable.

Too little new building land

Despite the availability of free space, building land in cities is becoming scarce. It is not uncommon for the prices for building land to have multiplied in just a few years. Experts, therefore, recommend converting more agricultural land and other areas into building land. But complex legal requirements, confusing ownership structures, and resistance from citizens often make it challenging to acquire the urgently needed building land.

Rising property prices: sell the property now?

The sale of a property in an economically challenging market situation is recommended. Indeed, demand is high, and interest rates are low. Many people, therefore, toy with the idea of ​​buying a property. This is a good starting point for salespeople. If possible, avoid putting your property up for sale under time pressure. If you are unsure how to assess the current market situation, hire a professional real estate agent. He knows the local market and how it is developing.

Tip: Have a free property valuation carried out by a qualified realtor on site. HAUSGOLD will find the right real estate agent for you free of charge and without obligation!

Additional costs when selling real estate

When selling a property, the incidental costs should not be disregarded. Depending on the leeway you give yourself and which you agree with a broker, the additional costs reduce the sales proceeds. Which expenses are incurred and how much is very different depending on the federal state.

The following positions are possible:

Expenditures for the notary and the land register are uniformly regulated. However, the real estate transfer tax varies from state to state. Who pays which costs should be part of the real estate purchase agreement? All additional expenses that arise when selling a property are calculated as a percentage of the sales price and vary from state to state.


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