Reasons to go for a Contract Staffing Agency

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Reasons to go for a Contract Staffing Agency

Businesses can opt for either direct recruitment of personnel, whether temporary or permanent, or use a staffing agency. The use of a contract staffing agency has some advantages such as elimination of risk associated with directly hiring workers who could leave prematurely. Some of the main reasons why business organizations opt for a contract staffing agency are examined in this case analysis.

1. Larger talent pool

A major benefit offered by contract staffing agencies to the business organizations is access to an abundant talent base. With time of operations, agencies usually invest a lot on establishing a broad network of prospective employees. They often network with various experts across diverse professions and sectors learning what they like or dislike. This allows agencies to keep records for thousands of prospective candidates in big files. Databases are methodically placed according to skill, experience, grade, region and company. It enables agencies to conduct a rapid search for available applicants who exactly fit in all descriptions of their client companies.

Staffing agencies allow companies to benefit from vast pools of candidates which have already been screened, without companies posting jobs singly on different platforms and spending weeks in resume sifting. Agencies first start with identifying the cream of the crop, as they already have their own databases of people who may fit into some of these vacant positions. Before screening employees, soft and hard skills are evaluated with reference to job descriptions. They present only the candidates who fully match employer criteria after the first interviewing stage. This helps saves companies time and energy during recruitment because they do not have to search for qualified candidates by themselves.

2. Expertise in Recruitment and Hiring Compliance

The process of recruiting talent must follow all relevant employment laws and regulations to ensure there are no compliance problems. However, maintaining compliance with all legal mandates, industry norms and market trends demands a wealth of specialist skills that most organizations fail to possess because of inadequate HRM personnel. This is where, staffing agencies add great value through their skills in recruitment and wide experience.

Recruitment professionals and HR experts are employed by staffing agencies with the mandate to follow up with changes in the compliance landscape. They keenly watch changes in regional and national laws on labor, respectively. Such actions cover making of job advert, drawing employment contract, and also compliance with law of current regulations to conduct such practices legally. In addition, their recruitment expertise encompasses laws regarding immigration that are brought into place in order to attract international talent.

Staffing agencies with the expertise of compliance enable firms concentrate on the business rather than setting up their inhouse recruitment legal department. In accordance with regulations, each agency takes on responsibility for such measures as screening resumes, assessment, interviewing and offering, etc. It takes time to interview, screen, hire and integrate external hires into an organization. It also eliminates the risk of any non-compliance. Because they know their business very well, agencies become trusted partners for out- sourced recruitment irrespective of the company size.

3. Flexible Resourcing Options

Contract staffing enables businesses to upscale or downscale their workforce depending on the demand and is a short-term commitment. It is easy for agencies to give temporary or project aid when there is shortage of permanent employees in periods of increased demands. This can be adjusted depending on the changing business conditions thus providing flexibilities on employment of staff. The companies are able to perform pre-hire testing of contracted employees whereby they first work with them prior to hiring them as permanent staff.

4. Cost Savings and Administrative Support 

Hiring process outsourcing reduces advertising costs for vacancies, management of applications, interviewers’ salaries and new employees’ orientation. These administrative costs and expenses are taken care of by agencies. Additionally, they process payrolls, taxes, and benefits for contract employees which could have otherwise taken internal resources. It releases budget resources and teams for key business functions. Moreover, the on-demand approach is less expensive than permanent recruitment and provides a predictable budget planning.

5. Global Talent Reach

Contrary to internal teams that often operate within their confines, leading staffing firms maintain world-wide networking and working relationship with other players in the industry. The result is that they get to pick fresh-bloods from their local markets for jobs involving specialized skills. They take care of international recruitment and mobility program compliance in totality. This is one of the most attractive prospects for this company as it ensures that they can access global talent on behalf of multi-national corporations. This also creates flexibility as it gives access to a wider and varied qualified pool irrespective of where they are based.

6. Effects on productivity and quality of hire


Through utilizing agencies’ rich databases and standard evaluation tools, companies shave off job searching time from weeks to just days. By using short intervals, open position losses in productivity and revenues are reduced. Agencies also conduct prescreening procedures using psychometric tests, skill evaluations and comprehensive reference/background checks. This further enhances quality of hires reducing chances of technical, cultural or behavioral job fit failures that are expensive and time consuming. Generally, agencies provide a better quality of human capital with minimal work done by employees.

7. Post-hire Support Services

Apart from an employee’s first introduction with a good staffing agency, they provide ongoing support even to contracted employees. These include supporting performance-management processes, adherence to employment standards, tackling any concerns pertaining to work among others. They become an employer of record and remove HR responsibilities for the client. The agencies also offer consultation services so as to ensure that the client understands what are the appropriate staffing and organizational requirements. The partnership after hiring makes for easy employment for the two sides.


There are several critical advantages of using the professional contract recruitment agency rather than carrying out one hundred per cent internal recruitment. Agencies have got access to huge global talent, recruitment experience of quality and various cost and flexibility resourcing options make it an all in one talent solution. The end-to-end services are compliant and allow organizations the freedom in concentrating on their core activities. With the right hiring purposes, using an established agency is a good option to ensure fast and risk-free talent search and support service.

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