Why should you choose a plastic container with a plastic lid?

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Publish Date : 2021-08-21 09:58:34
Why should you choose a plastic container with a plastic lid?

Plastic containers and their production are one of the most developed sectors of the economy today. It can be said that almost every product sold today is somehow based on the production of plastic containers. These types of trays and containers are used in industry, commerce and services, and the modern world cannot do without them.

The nestable id tray is a plastic container, ideal for transporting and storing high quality goods. The boxes are made of strong PP (polypropylene) and meet the logistical needs of many industries. Delivery containers are ideal for packing goods and taking them home.

The lids increase their efficiency. The large plastic tubs have the potential for sealing, which means that the contents inside are always secure. The box also has an integrated 2-part hinged cover, thus protecting against the theft of high-risk goods or items of high value. They are the ideal distribution box for a wide range of applications in the fields of manufacturing, trade and services.

Currently, many industries use sealed trays and boxes due to their many advantages in terms of product storage and low packaging costs. The advantages of a nested container with a cover include:

1. Secure storage

Installing safety seals protects high value goods in transportation. The seal on the cover prevents the plastic container from opening, closing and sealing. You can easily check if the contents of the plastic box have been used during delivery; If the seal is broken the container has been opened by unauthorized persons. Thanks to the solid construction of the train, all your products will be properly protected during transport at home or abroad. This is especially useful if you are buying high value items.

2. Savings costs

Converting disposable cardboard boxes into reusable plastic trays will help save money by reducing supply chain costs. Each plastic box can definitely replace hundreds of individual compartments because you can use it multiple times. It is also more durable. These containers are maintenance free, save on disposal or installation costs (such as pallets) and can be used to save valuable space during return transport. The savings are also because you don't have to buy these large plastic storage containers right now, but you can quickly and easily rent them for an event or delivery.

3. Saving space

Did you know that having an empty plastic tray in the nest saves 76% of the space? Thanks to their trapezoidal construction, the empty containers are structured inside each other, allowing you to save on the return transport of the empty packaging. When the id cover is closed, the box can be stacked, and when opened, nest in each other, saving space during transport or storage.

4. Brand building

The information or code printed on the sealed container also advertises the user branch, especially in applications targeted to customers in the retail and service sectors. The wide surface of the container printed with the caption enables clear representation of both the company logo and contact details. By using plastic id trays, your business looks more professional than a paper carton or bag.

5. Pollution prevention and sustainability

The major advantage of plastic containers for distribution is their durability and impact resistance. Our products are made of polypropylene and are resistant to extreme temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to 40 ° C.

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