Why Should You Hire a Packer and Movers while Relocating?

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Why Should You Hire a Packer and Movers while Relocating?

Relocating a house is a humongous job. Like you can’t build Rome in one day, in the same way, you can’t shift your house in one day. If you try to do this taxing job in one day you may need 1-2 weeks to recuperate.

This can be simplified by adding three to four hands to finish the job. For this reason, we have packers and movers to help us out. Hiring professional packing and moving services can simplify our work at various points that can otherwise be tough to get done.

If you are not worried about the cost, then hiring a professional team for packing and unpacking can be advantageous for you. Let’s check out some of the reasons for picking up a packer and mover for yourself and your family.

Reasons to Hire a Packer and mover


Home assessment

The journey of packing starts with the company sending in an executive to survey your house and its belongings. It is during this time your items will be assessed and details will be drawn out. If you have already prepared an inventory, you can give that to the surveyor.

If you haven’t and want all the household items to be packed and moved, you can ask them to look around and make a list of all those items. You can segregate at that instant what needs to be moved and what can be sold off. They’ll also determine which items need extra care and which all are robust.

Once the survey is done, you can discuss the valuables such as artwork, jewelry, and paperwork. You can also ask them questions as to how they would want to carry out the procedure of moving. Items of great value will be packed separately so that you can carry them with yourself separately and not move with other things.

It is better as it will remain safe with you and you won’t worry about them getting stolen or misplaced.

Full-service packers

Who are full-service packers?

To understand it better let’s look at an example. If you are heavy, antique furniture, they will require separate kinds of packing. Such furniture needs to be taken apart, to be wrapped, and secured properly using protective packing and padding. Full-service packers do just that. Packers ensure that all the items are disassembled and packed adequately, pictures are removed from frames, and carpets are rolled with finesse.

Their work doesn’t end there. All the boxes are sorted and labeled room and placement-wise. Wait for the company to give a time estimate. What will be the cost and how much time will it take to pack and move the entire house? Some of the moving companies can get things done in a day.

If you are in a rush, you may require more people to get things done. The cost of moving will also depend on the quantity of the items and the time frame in which you need things to be delivered. If you have kids or pets, then make sure you hire a babysitter or send your pet to the pet care center for the day.

Are you in a fix? Whether to hire full-service packers or not, this decision will require a thorough assessment drawn based on cost versus time. Just make easy calculations as moving could cost you extra bucks but taking even a few days off could mean your salary getting deducted and your manager’s a bad review.

Packing and moving household items needs a lot of patience and organization. If we keep headaches and anxiety issues aside. If you are planning to do it yourself, you’ll have to gather packing items and other stuff. This can take a serious toll on your work and personal life.

If you hire an IBA Approved packer and mover, all you need to do is organize the house and segregate the items. Rest the team will do the work. They will hardly take a day and your things will be packed and moved in front of your eyes without you breaking a sweat.

Going for special services

All of us have some of the other restrictions. If you have a budget constraint, to save some on the moving services you can opt for one or two packing or moving services.

One service offered by many moving companies is packing specialty items. They constitute artwork, fragile items, mirrors, or other such breakable valuables. When the company sends its executive of the assessment, you can ask for a written quote. You can also go for moving services while you can pack things up by yourself.

Some of us may not have too many items at home and so, won’t require the whole vehicle to transport our things. Under such circumstances, you can opt for part-moving. This may take some time to get things delivered to the new destination, but it will only cost you half. So, it is a win-win deal.

If you have too much of that fragile artwork or china cups and vases, you must ask for specialty services and get things done with.


Packing appliances and other electronic gadgets are not everyone’s cup of tea. Packing and moving of appliances need finesse, and for that, you’ll require the services of a packer and mover. Many of your families and friends may advise you to use electricians to help you prepare large appliances such as refrigerators, dryers for moving.

You may go for it or you can take the help of the professionals to get the job done. If these items are not packed properly, and if any of them gets damaged, you can’t claim compensation. The packing and moving company will not take responsibility for any damage caused during the shifting.


Do you have time? Do you have such expertise to get things prepared for moving?

When we are struggling to get our office work done, how many of us have time to pack and move things? Hardly a handful few. If you take the help of packing and moving service providing company, you’ll be in an advantageous situation.

So, hire a professional packer and mover, to get your packing and moving requirements fulfilled. Sit back and relax while others take care of your relocation. Find a good house, give your packers and movers the address and the rest will be taken care of without you breaking a sweat.

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