Why you should invest in Electric Aluminium Shutters?

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Publish Date : 2021-05-21 09:55:48
Why you should invest in Electric Aluminium Shutters?

Electric Aluminium shutters are a convenient option for those who are tired of manual opening with the strap tending to tear. But before installing an electric shutter there are a few things that are important to know: what type is best to choose, what types of shutter boxes exist and how to maintain an electric shutter over time? We have detailed everything you need to know about electric Aluminium shutters.

Who is an aluminium shutter suitable for?

Aluminium shutter is suitable for a wide range of uses, for example, garage shutter, shutter for retail chains and stores, light shutter for home or business, long length shutters for warehouses, shutter for private or public parking, shutter for a hermetic and safe closing of the business, electric roller shutter in shopping centers and more.

What are the advantages of aluminium shutters over regular shutters?

  • Durability - Undoubtedly aluminium shutters are more durable than regular shutters. Aluminium is a strong, high-quality material and is particularly resistant to blows, weather damage, and other damage, the shutter does not rust and no special maintenance is required except for cleaning the aluminium stages from dust and dirt.
  • Design - A standard shutter is made of enclosed plastic stages, there are a small number of colors to choose from, compared to the many and varied design options of aluminium shutters. The aluminium shutter can be painted in an industrial oven in a variety of colors to choose from, so the shutter design can be adapted to the building's facade, interior design, and customer requirements, including the option of branding the business.
  • Convenience of operation - Most aluminium shutters are equipped with a strong and reliable electric motor, with the push of a button the shutter can be opened or closed and there is no need to apply physical force as required in opening and closing a standard shutter with a film.
  • Routine maintenance - A standard shutter requires regular maintenance and inspection of the stages after storms and rains, while there is almost no need to maintain the aluminium shutters.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation capacity - A standard shutter is made of plastic stages compared to the aluminium stages, which ensure efficient and effective insulation of environmental noise, and aluminium also has thermal insulation capacity that ensures savings in air conditioning costs.
  • Shutter size limit - Aluminium shutters can also be made for large openings, while a standard shutter is limited in terms of shutter width otherwise the foam plastic starts to get a belly.
  • Connection to a smart home system - It is not possible to connect a standard shutter with a manual mechanism to a smart home system, the aluminium shutter is easy to connect to the system and so the shutter can be controlled remotely.

In conclusion, an aluminium shutter is considered to be of better quality and safety compared to a regular shutter, and although its price is higher, it is worth investing in the advanced and innovative shutter that ensures excellent durability and a much higher quality of life.

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