"Biddun 2: Escape Plan" topped 100 million word-of-mouth box office

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Publish Date : 2021-06-25 16:27:25
"Biddun 2: Escape Plan" topped 100 million word-of-mouth box office

Produced by Sony Columbia Pictures and directed by Will Guller, the comedy animated film "Bed Rabbit 2: The Escape Plan" was released for a week, and the box office exceeded 100 million! The film released the latest "Superstar Debut" feature footage today. The publisher found Mengtu Tian Tuan and his family to plan and publish books, and prepared a huge billboard. Beat C appeared as a well-deserved "superstar." Since the film was released, it has received numerous praises, and it has also refreshed the highest scores of the three major platforms in 2021 animated comedy movies. The movie is currently in theaters. Come to the theater to watch Bunny and sell cute online!

"Biddun 2: Escape Plan" topped 100 million word-of-mouth box office and led the weekend as the best choice for family watching movies
One week in the box office, the box office broke 100 million rabbit days.

The film "Bed Rabbit 2: The Escape Plan" received 7.5 points for Douban, 9.2 points for Maoyan, and 8.9 points for Taoping Tickets when it opened. The high scores led the new films at the Dragon Boat Festival. Since then, the box office has risen all the way, and the box office exceeded 100 million in one week ! In the film, the cute and funny Tu Tian Tuan has an unstoppable cuteness and continues to receive praise from the audience. Some netizens commented that “sucking rabbits is cool for a while, and sucking is always cool.”

"Biddun 2: Escape Plan" topped 100 million word-of-mouth box office and led the weekend as the best choice for family watching movies
In the feature film released this time, the publisher has set an interesting rabbit design for each rabbit. Only when it comes to Bi De, it is either a "troublemaker king" or a "naturally bad breed", but this name also means Bi De is The most important one in the Tutian group. The clip shows that in the huge billboard prepared by the publisher, Bit C appeared as a well-deserved "superstar". In the clip, Bidd also has very obvious emotional changes, which makes people very curious about how the plot will unfold in the future.

"Biddun 2: Escape Plan" topped 100 million word-of-mouth box office and led the weekend as the best choice for family watching movies
Discussing how to get along with parents and children while having fun becomes the first choice for family movie watching on weekends

The overall tone of the movie "Bed Rabbit 2: Escape Project" is mainly joy, and the media even commented on the film as "the first choice for decompression in June", but the discussion of self and parent-child relationship in the film also gave the audience a lot of inspiration. As netizens said: “The movie is not just an ordinary comedy. It borrows the relationship between Pete Rabbit and its owner to explore the way of getting along between family and children. The audience receives this point."

"Biddun 2: Escape Plan" topped 100 million word-of-mouth box office and led the weekend as the best choice for family watching movies
The relationship between Pete and the "father" in the film also went from unsatisfactory to gradual reconciliation. Both of them have grown up in the process. I believe that many parents and children can also benefit from watching the movie. To be healed and inspired while reaping happiness is also the value of movies. The film has also become the first choice for family watching movies on weekends. I believe the film will definitely bring you 90 minutes of joy and thought.

The movie "Bed Rabbit 2: The Escape Plan" was produced by Sony Columbia Pictures, written and directed by Will Güller, and the Chinese dubbed version was voiced by Guo Qilin. The movie has landed in theaters across the country. It is the first choice for uncompressed movie watching in June to heal all unhappiness.

"An apple a day keeps the disease away from me."

This familiar saying really shows the public's preference for Apple.

During the Shenzhou 12 mission, the astronauts were equipped with more than 120 aerospace foods, with meat and vegetables and balanced nutrition. The fruit prepared was apples.

All-round health!  Apple beats orange to become space fruit
Picture Source/CCTV News

Why choose Apple?






According to Huang Weifen, chief designer of the astronaut system of China's manned space project, the three astronauts took dozens of apples to space this time, not only because of its good nutrition and can be stored for a long time, but also because of the less water in apple juice, it tastes better. Convenience.

In fact, apples can be called the most popular fruit in the world.

At present, there are more than 80 countries in the world that grow apples, with a total annual output of more than 60 million tons. That is to say, assuming that each apple weighs 200 grams (medium Fuji apple), then the world will eat nearly 400 billion apples each year.

Apple has always been called the "all-round healthy fruit". In the list of "World's Healthiest Food", it is the veritable "King of Fruits".

The sources of "sour" and "sweetness in apples are very healthy. The sourness is composed of 90% malic acid and 10% citric acid, which is highly acidic and harmless. The sweetness comes from sucrose and fructose, both of which are natural sugars.

Apples contain a variety of nutrients such as organic acids, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, polyphenols and flavonoids, including three "star ingredients":

Pectin : A soluble fiber that helps lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and bad cholesterol levels, and maintain the health of the digestive system.

Boron : can strengthen bones and brain, relieve fatigue.

Quercetin : delays the secretion of histamine, relieves allergic reactions; reduces the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and other cancers, reduces the damage of free radicals to the body, and delays the occurrence of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

So in that case, how many apples should you eat every day?

The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" recommends eating 200-400 grams of fruit a day, and a large Fuji apple can be enough. But you don’t have to stick to the “one apple a day”. It is recommended to eat 3-4 apples a week, interspersed with other seasonal fruits.

When is the best time to eat?

Between meals. Adding meals with apples can provide the body and brain with water and nutrients, bring a feeling of fullness, and reduce the amount of meals.

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