How To Create A Safe And Fun Safety Playground

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How To Create A Safe And Fun Safety Playground

Playgrounds allow children to exercise, interact with others and develop coordination skills. However, playgrounds can also be a source of injury. Each year, about 200,000 children are treated in emergency departments for playground-related injuries. The most common causes of playground injuries involve falls. Look for safety surfacing that includes impact attenuating materials such as engineered wood fiber, sand, shredded rubber or recycled rubber mulch.

Safety Surfaces

The ground covering under playground equipment makes a big difference to how safe a playground is. Surfaces that are not shock-absorbing can increase the severity of a fall and turn a minor injury into something more serious. The best safety surfacing material is engineered wood fiber, which provides a soft surface that breaks falls, absorbs impact and provides a cushioned landing for children who may lose their balance or land hard on the ground. It is less expensive than other loose-fill options and can be easily maintained if the manufacturer’s instructions are followed closely.

Another popular choice is solid rubber, which offers a durable surface that is ADA-compliant and comes in colors that match a variety of exterior aesthetics. Poured-in-place rubber, which is also known as PIP, creates a single layer of smooth rubber that covers the entire playground area evenly. It also is a great option for high-traffic areas that require low maintenance. Lastly, synthetic turf is another durable surfacing option that looks similar to real grass but doesn’t need watering or constant mowing.


A 안전놀이터 is designed with stable structures. This includes equipment like monkey bars and climbing walls that are securely bolted to the ground and not swaying or wobbling. It’s important to also ensure that children are sitting or standing properly on swings and seesaws to avoid torso injuries. Also, make sure that your child’s clothing does not have drawstrings or other cords that can get caught on or pulled through equipment.

A safety playground should have impact-absorbing surfaces, such as sand, wood chips, shredded rubber, and mulch. This helps reduce the possibility of a fall, which is the most common cause of playground injuries. Surfaces that are hard, such as asphalt or concrete, are not appropriate for playgrounds. Playgrounds help kids build strength, coordination, and depth perception through challenging physical and cognitive activities. However, challenging equipment does not need to come at the expense of a child’s safety. Schools, towns and cities can work together to design playgrounds that are safe for all ages while still allowing for healthy risk taking.

Age-Appropriate Equipment

Kids grow up quickly, so playgrounds are designed for different age groups. Equipment for toddlers (6 months through 23 months) is usually very different from that used by preschoolers (2 years through 5 years) or elementary school children (5-12 years). Toddler equipment may include climbers, stairs, step ladders and slides. These elements are typically much smaller than those for older kids to protect young children from injuries, and they should have lower fall heights. They also need a softer safety surface to cushion their falls.

Kids in this age group start to explore more on their own and may try to use equipment that isn’t designed for them. To keep them safe, adults should supervise kids closely to ensure they don’t attempt anything beyond their physical abilities and height measurements. For schools or daycares, separate play areas for kids in each age group are best. This allows teachers to more easily supervise their classes and ensure kids are playing safely.


Playgrounds allow kids to expand their imaginations, exercise and socialize with other children their age. However, playgrounds can be dangerous if they are not properly supervised. Injuries can range from mild splinters to head trauma. Fortunately, most injuries can be prevented with an active supervision plan. Having more than one adult on hand is essential when monitoring kids at the playground. Walkie-talkies are useful for this purpose, and some schools assign one supervisor a cell phone for calling the office or 911 if additional help is needed.

Properly positioned surveillance zones make it easier to monitor all areas of the playground at once. Obstructions like trees or playground elements should be moved to give adults the best view of the whole area. Moving around also makes your presence known to the kids, further deterring bad behavior that may occur when kids think they can get away with it. Avoid distracting behaviors like texting and talking to other adults while supervising at the playground.

Final Thought

Playgrounds offer kids of all ages the opportunity to jump, climb and slide with their peers. With proper surfacing, age-appropriate equipment and adult supervision playgrounds can be fun and safe. Avoid loose clothing that could get caught in equipment or create tripping hazards. Inspect rubber tiles for wear and tear as well as hardware for stability.

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