Paint these Tricky Places like a Pro

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-04-01 14:40:26
Paint these Tricky Places like a Pro

Who doesn’t want to paint their houses? This is a dream many young future homeowners have, at some point in their life. Such a dream is also a practical option to cut down the costs of painting a house. 

DIY painting costs significantly less than hiring a house painter in Auckland, as you don’t have to pay for the labour when you are doing it yourself. However, the task is not as simple as it sounds, especially if you have no experience in painting houses before. As such, you may find certain places to be tricky to paint. 

So here are tips for painting four such tricky places in the house. 

Behind the toilet

The space behind the toilet can be quite small. It may be hard to paint this area, given the lack of space. Even the smallest paint roller and brush can only reach a few centimeters behind the tank. Your solution to this problem is using a paint-behind pad. This specialty tool is attached to a long plastic handle. 

Simply pour paint into the tray and dip the pad in it before spreading the paint behind the tank. You can easily cover the entire wall with this tool. Aside from painting the space behind the toilet, a paint-behind pad can also be used to paint behind staircase balustrades, radiators, and other hard-to-reach places. 

Along with the carpeting

When painting the baseboard molding in a room with carpeted floors, there is a high chance that the paint seeps into the carpet, staining it badly. This mostly happens when the painter’s tape used to mask the carpet is positioned improperly. 

The solution to this is placing the painter’s tape on the carpet, letting it overlap with the baseboard by ¼ inch or so. Start with a small patch and do the same for the rest of the wall. Paint the baseboard, wait for the paint to dry, and then peel off the mask. 

Around ceiling lights

Having ceiling-mounted lights are quite popular when it comes to lighting choices in a room. As pretty as it seems, painting the ceiling becomes quite a task for fellow DIY-ers with these lights. However, there is a neat trick that can help you out here.

Unscrew the outer canopy of the light fixture, the bowl-shaped part that is fixed tightly against the ceiling surface and covers the wiring. If wiring is exposed after unscrewing the canopy, be sure to turn off the electrical supply. Now, protect the canopy from paint splatters using a thin plastic sheet. 

Brush paint all the way around the fixture, be sure to spread it beyond the area of the fixture. Next, use a paint roller and paint the rest of the ceiling. Once the paint is dry, screw the canopy back in and remove the plastic wrap. 

Above windows and doors

Walls are probably the easiest to paint with a paint roller. However, things can get quite sticky when it comes to painting the area above the doors and windows. These areas are generally smaller than the roller size, which means you cannot paint horizontally. 

The solution here is to use a trim roller. Make sure they have the same pile or nap to ensure you get the same texture as the rest of the wall after the paint dries.


Getting a house painted can be a costly affair when hiring a house painter. DIY painting can help cut the costs, but there’s a catch. Certain areas like around the ceiling lights, above the windows and doors, behind the toilets, and along the carpets can be tricky to paint. With simple tricks, however, you can easily paint these tricky areas. 


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