Step Up Your Smoking Game With CBD Cigarettes

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Publish Date : 2021-04-01 10:38:42
Step Up Your Smoking Game With CBD Cigarettes

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Smoking is terrible for your health – there’s no doubt about it. With the endless array of scientific studies, clinical trials, and even a full feature blockbuster movie exposing tobacco consumption hazards, it’s fair to say that smoking days are numbered.

More and more countries worldwide are imposing far higher taxes on smoking, and there are fewer smokers today than there were in recent years.

However, just because there are fewer cigarette smokers doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Around the world, approximately one billion people still consume cigarettes. In this article, we’ll outline the problem for what it is, help you get a perspective on why it’s so harmful, and present a far better alternative in cannabis Twisted Extracts. 

Is Smoking That Bad?

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Yes, smoking is one of the worst vices that plague the population in recent years and is linked to many diseases, disorders, and illnesses. Smoking can cause:

  • Cancer

  • Heart disease

  • Stroke

  • Lung diseases

  • Diabetes

  • COPD 

These are just some of the highlights. The diseases and health issues that smoking causes aren’t the only thing you should worry about. Smoking is known to increase the likelihood of other things such as tuberculosis, certain eye diseases, immune system issues, rheumatoid arthritis, and many, many more. 

Why do people smoke?

People smoke for a lot of reasons. Historically, tobacco is deeply rooted in many cultures worldwide and has been a part of humanity for as long as civilization. While tobacco consumption is detrimental to your overall health, it’s nowhere nearly as harmful as consuming industrial-made cigarettes.

Industrial-made cigarettes are all of the popular pre-packaged brands of cigarettes that you purchase at the store. These cigarettes contain a wide range of additives that give them the desired characteristics and increase their nicotine levels.

Nicotine is the addictive chemical found in cigarettes. Once people are exposed to nicotine, it’s straightforward to get addicted to it, which causes you to go on smoking for a long time. 

Are there any alternatives? 

Since tobacco is widely-known as a public health hazard, there have been more alternatives in recent years than ever before. Perhaps the most well-known alternative to smoking has been vaping. Vaping has been around for decades in one form or the other, but it has reached new heights in the past few years.

There are more vape pens, mods, setups, flavours, and juices than you can imagine. While vaping may have helped many people quit traditional smoking, it isn’t exactly that healthy either.

A huge influx of new scientific studies and clinical trials show that vaping, while healthier than smoking, still isn’t a good alternative.

There are more alternatives to smoking than just vaping, and the most popular newcomer to the scene is CBD cigarettes. Sunday Scaries CBD itself is one of the most popular supplements of recent years, and its cigarette form is a suitable alternative to traditional tobacco products.

What are CBD Cigarettes? 

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CBD cigarettes are just like cigarettes in every way, shape, and form, excluding one – they’re made out of hemp, not tobacco. Hemp, just like tobacco, has been humanity’s close friend ever since ancient times, but only now are we beginning to understand the full range of benefits that hemp can bring to the table.

Hemp has been batched up with Cannabis and criminalized in many countries globally, but as times change, so do legal restrictions and regulations. These days, hemp is legal in almost all countries globally, and it’s used for everything from creating commercial products such as rope to creating tobacco cigarette alternatives. 

How are they better than regular cigarettes?

Hemp cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes in more ways than one. For one, hemp cigarettes contain little to no additives, which means you’re practically getting pure hemp in your cigarettes. 

Unlike tobacco cigarettes that contain ammonia, acetone, benzene, and a range of other things – hemp cigarettes don’t contain any additives aside from the natural ingredients, oils, and alkaloids found in hemp.

The most prominent active ingredient found in hemp is CBD, which is a vastly popular supplement on its own. Hemp cigarettes contain a large amount of CBD and are among the best ways to consume the supplement. 

By inhaling smoke filled with CBD, you can absorb it faster through your lungs than in any other way. Smoking CBD cigarettes also maximizes bioavailability, meaning you’re getting most CBD in your body without losing any to digestion and other processes. 

Furthermore, CBD has an immaculate track record of having the potential to help people quit smoking, and there are a lot of claims around the internet that it helped people quit entirely, not just substitute one thing for another.

CBD is a very healthy all-natural supplement and has a wide selection of clinical applications. While we’re yet to discover the full spectrum of CBD benefits, the current scientific and medicinal perspective is overwhelmingly positive. 

How to stop smoking?

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If you want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, you’re in for an arduous journey ahead of you. Addiction is an illness that never truly goes away, so you’ll need more than just willpower to quit. An excellent place to start is to find a suitable alternative for smoking.

Some people find that chewing gum helps – others swear by nicotine patches. However, by far, the best way to rid yourself of the hazards of tobacco and gain the benefits of CBD may be to consume hemp cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes.

In Conclusion 

Hemp is practically nature incarnate. It has been there for humanity when no other plant has. Not only does it have a huge industrial application, but people are also starting to consume it in more ways than one. Hemp cigarettes might be the best way to consume hemp, as it gives you all the fantastic cannabinoids found in hemp, including a healthy CBD boost. 

As you can see, CBD cigarettes are a much better alternative to tobacco cigarettes. But this is an extensive topic, and we urge you to find more resources that will expand your knowledge about this subject.



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