The importance of a shower tray and ways to find the best one for your bathroom

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-07-21 15:07:45
The importance of a shower tray and ways to find the best one for your bathroom

You just can’t challenge the importance of a shower tray in your bathroom. The one component that directs the water flow towards the drainage is surely one of the essentials in this area. The drastic results of a wrong selection and improper installation of this tray can be imagined. Well, that leads us to the careful selection of it for your bathroom and also the appropriate installation of it.

How to get the best shower tray for your bathroom?

Now that you know the primary role of a shower tray in your bathroom, shouldn’t you give your best to get the most suitable one for this area? And also imagine if you’re getting the best shower tray by following the tips we are listing below and then calling an amateur to install it! The results would be drastic with water leaking out of this area and causing mold and other issues in your bathroom. So, do we need to tell you that you should only get this work done by GIB Pro Fixing? Their tiling in Auckland area homes is already very famous and known for perfection. They even install the shower tray perfectly making your bath spaces all the more perfect and functional. Now for the selection of the best shower tray, keep reading.

  • The size of the tray — Be sure to get the exact measurement of your shower stand when you go out to buy the tray for it. Because even an inch here and there would create problems in its installation. You definitely don’t want any space left out in your shower stand that can become an eyesore later. Even for its perfect functionality, the appropriate measurement of size is required.
  • The shape of the shower tray — You will find various options in the shapes of the shower tray. The most common ones are square, rectangular, quadrilateral, and even oval. But if your shower space is of any other shape, you can even customize these in that particular forum. These can be as unique as a semicircle or even take the shape of an alphabet for that matter.
  • Material of the tray —There are ceramic, marble, stones, porcelain, and many other types of shower trays available in the market. You can choose the same as per the decor in your bathroom and your choice. Remember, these should be non-slippery and look beautiful too.
  • Raised or flat — You also have the option to pick the shower tray which is a bit raised or one that is completely flat. If you’ve got the flat ones, you have the option to raise it with the help of a shower tray riser kit. But experts suggest, opt for the raised one from the onset for better drainage of water and no inconvenience later.

After considering all these factors, you even have to look into the ideal color of this tray which would look good in your bathroom. Now, the piece that you’ll pick after factoring in these pointers is definitely going to be the best one for your shower stand. 

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