Three Benefits of sealing a Marble

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Publish Date : 2021-03-25 02:54:49
Three Benefits of sealing a Marble

A marble sealer is regarded as a surface treatment that is applied to marble to clog any pores on the surface and prevent any foreign substances from piercing the marble surface. Marble sealing is often done with impregnators which are formed of liquid-based solvents and solid resin. The solvent is usually a carrier which will go in the pores in the stone surface and later vaporizes leaving a solid resin which plugs the marble pores.

Impregnator sealers are normally applied below the surfaces, and when they are applied and engrossed by the marble, they will do an fabulous job of preventing stains.

Here are some of the benefits of marble sealing.

1. It prevents stains:
Marble is a less porous stone, but when given a lot of time, liquids can enter the pores of this stone. And once the liquid penetrates the surface marble, a dirt could occur once the liquid evaporates. Hence, a marble sealer helps forbids this. The bearer compound of this sealer is meant to impregnate the pores and leave resins which physically block any foreign liquids from penetrating the stone hence forbidding stains.

Also, it is  important to note that sealers are not perfect and if fluids take more time, they can penetrate and leave stains on the surface. Therefore, once you apply the marble sealer, it is crucial that you always remember to clean the surface. Sealers are never perfect, and the stone still requires cleaning after a spill.

2. A change of style:
While many people only consider marble sealing from the point of coating the natural stone so that it is not easily impressed by chemicals, the truth is that the application of these sealants could be an easy way to add a sense of style to your living way. Marble stone inevitably and naturally begins to lose its appeal and luster with time and age. This is when marble cleaning becomes necessary and essential. One great benefit of applying them is that it can instantly improve the visual aspect of your living space, giving it a look that is tough to imitate. Likewise, marble is usually available in an array of colors and even with sensational multi-colour mixes, these offer flexible options for various decorative schemes.

3. Offer slip resistance:
Although this is rarely the main reason why people seal their marble surfaces,, the truth is that the sealing act could aid in contenting slip resistance. Some chemicals will perform a double duty, protect your floor and create gentle traction which will make the surface more slip resistant. This is an excellent safety function in areas with heavy traffic or indoor areas that often have to deal with lots of water splashes, say a bathroom or laundry.

It is advised before you seal your floors or counter-tops, you should execute a simple test to determine whether sealing is necessary. Pour few drops of water and wait for a minute or two. If the water absorbs into the stone or its color alters, there is a need to seal the marble floor or top.

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