Tips to save time when cleaning the kitchen

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Publish Date : 2021-07-16 13:45:05
Tips to save time when cleaning the kitchen

Have you ever walked into the kitchen of another house and wondered how clean the surfaces were or how shiny the stove was, and wondered what the secret cleaning method was? We all want a healthy and clean kitchen, but the hardest part is finding the time to keep the kitchen perfectly clean. We give you some effective strategies to keep your kitchen clean without much effort!

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1. Keep a cupboard stocked with essential kitchen cleaning products

Keeping a cupboard stocked with all your cleaning products ensures that you don't waste time searching every corner of the kitchen for the cleaner you need. Always be prepared to clean!

  • Set up an area in the kitchen for "cleaning supplies," where they are easily accessible, perhaps under the sink or in a large cupboard.
  • Put all of your kitchen cleaning products, such as disinfectants, high-potency oven cleaners, metallic surface cleaners, and other cleaners, into one large plastic box or storage drawer.
  • Keep cleaning supplies — such as gloves, rags, brushes, and mop heads — all in one place so they don't get put in another inappropriate place.
  • Always make sure that cleaning products and tools are not about to run out, and make sure to buy additional quantities in advance.

2. Small pre-planned kitchen cleanings

Have you ever invited some friends or relatives to dinner and then found out that your kitchen is dirty and needs at least two hours of cleaning to make it look acceptable? It is better (and to avoid stress) to devote short, regular intervals to cleaning your kitchen, rather than large and comprehensive cleaning operations that consume a lot of effort and time and are carried out at irregular times.

Make time in your schedule to do basic kitchen cleaning tasks. For example, set aside 20 minutes after dinner on Wednesday to disinfect all surfaces and mop the kitchen floor. Shopping day is also a good time to clean the refrigerator and food storage cabinets, as this ensures that there are fewer supplies, and you do not need to move a lot of items during the cleaning process.

The more you stick to the schedule you set, the easier it will be for you to clean the kitchen and the less time you will have to spend cleaning the kitchen the rest of the week.

3. Tips and ideas for a clean kitchen

Some friends and family may provide you with useful ideas and tips that will save you some effort and facilitate the process of cleaning electrical appliances in the kitchen. They have tried these methods before giving you advice on them, ensuring you get good results! Here are some examples of advice they might give you:


Placing a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom shelf of the oven will prevent dry food residue and oil drips from scattering all over the place, so the oven cleaning process is limited to replacing a piece of aluminum foil with a new one.

Microwave ovens can be quickly cleaned with steam by placing a wet paper towel on the bottom, then heating it for two minutes.

Cutlery, plates, and utensils are much easier to clean if they are soaked in a sink full of warm, soapy water right after use. The more food dries on the surface, the more difficult it is to clean it.

Quality cleaning products designed to eliminate dirt and grease in the kitchen, such as Premier Janitorial, will help you avoid repeating ineffective cleaning techniques and take the burden off cleaning - so you'll spend less time worrying about a dirty kitchen and more time resting - read the directions on the label Test any product on a small area first.

1. Put your kitchen cleaning products in one easily accessible place. 2. Doing small cleanings in the kitchen on a regular basis is an effective strategy to keep it clean. 3. Listening to others is a good way to get time-saving cleaning tips and tricks.

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