6 signs in the body that indicate emotional problems

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6 signs in the body that indicate emotional problems

Body and mind are a whole. Emotional problems, therefore, always leave traces in the body. This makes perfect sense if we consider the fact that the brain is the axis of operation of the human body, that the body is full of nerves and is therefore connected to the brain.

We could say that there is no physical discomfort that does not have, as a reference or as a context, one or more emotional problems. It is, therefore, good to pay attention to the signals that our body sends us. Usually, they tell us that there is some imbalance in our life.

Some of these bodily signals are very common. These are not illnesses in the strict sense, but emotional problems that are present in the body. So we will tell you about seven indicators that may suggest the existence of emotional problems.

1. Headache, a symptom of emotional problems

Frequent headache is a very common symptom. Thousands of people suffer from it around the world. There could be no coincidence. If you're agitated, you're more likely to get a headache. Mostly, of course, since it involves many individuals, such a phenomenon would continue to occur.

The meaning of headaches can be summed up in one word: tension. Internal forces oppose each other. Usually, it is the desire to do things well and completely, which is opposed to the lack of time. Or the need to rest, as opposed to the obligation to honor commitments. Behind a headache, very often, there are emotional problems. This is why, very often, the drugs do not have the desired effects.

2. Pain in the neck

A stiff, sore neck is a very clear signal of extreme tension. Not in all aspects of life, but at a particular level: the difficulty of forgiving. Resentment and resentment take the form of strong muscle tension in the neck area.

Difficulty forgiving can also be accompanied by other feelings such as nonconformity or contempt. If your neck hurts, you should think about the resentment you still haven't let go of. By diluting it, the pain you feel will go away.

3. Stiffness and problems in the shoulders

The shoulders are the area of ​​the body intended to carry very heavy loads. This applies to both physical weights and those that assume mental weight. Pain in the shoulders, especially with cramping, indicates overload.

You are probably carrying a load that is too heavy for you. A responsibility that doesn't suit you or a commitment that you don't think you can meet. Pain in the shoulders indicates, in any case, emotional problems associated with excessive pressure.

4. Discomfort in the upper back

Another source of tension and relational issues was found in the upper back. Apathy sets in as you find suffering in this position. For lack of a better word, this is a symbol that suggests a general sense of awkwardness.

This pain can also indicate a lack of self-esteem. Self-esteem can be hurt, and in its place, there are a lot of fears. These, generally, are to be put in relation to unsatisfactory social ties.

5. Pain in the lower back

Pain in the lower back is also linked to overload. Nevertheless, in this case,  they do not refer to excessive abstract responsibilities but material or economic concerns.

In this case,  there is a very big concern over the money. You might have spent too much, or you have a lot of debt. There is fear: that of not being able to effectively assume economic responsibilities.

6. Pain in the hands

The hands are an area of ​​the body linked to expression and contact with others. When we notice pain or discomfort in our hands, it means it's time to review the bonds we have with other people.

Usually, there is an unfulfilled desire to make or have more trusting relationships. The discomfort or pain would therefore indicate a condition of social deprivation that we want to overcome. The path to doing so may not have been found yet.

7. Knee problems

Pain in the knees is one of the most common discomforts. It is almost always linked to an exacerbation of the ego. It occurs when the center of concern is none other than ourselves and when we have a somewhat contemptuous attitude towards others. It indicates a need to get out of this bubble that blocks us and prevents us from being generous with others.

The body is like a book: each part tells a story. Every area of ​​our body is constantly sending messages to us. Do you know how to listen to them? This is the question you must ask yourself. Especially when you know you have emotional issues but haven't made up your mind to face them or don't know how to do it. If you face any of the above problems in your body, then consult therapists in Kentucky or visit Kentucky mental health care.

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