Best Platforms For the Listing of Doctors

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Publish Date : 2021-05-20 10:34:55
Best Platforms For the Listing of Doctors

The need of the hour is that the doctors exist online to ensure patients get instant assistance at the comfort of their homes. Almost every expert medical practitioner has listed himself on various platforms available for a listing of doctors. These apps save a lot of money and time. It also gives a wide range of audiences to the doctors. For example, people might not be aware of an expert in their area before seeing the listing on the app. Needless to say that increased visibility means an increasing number of clients and increased revenue. 

Other than this, the apps for the listing of doctors also provide ease and convenience. Every operation which physicians previously did on paper with the help of a receptionist or other staff members can now be done on the app without any helping hand. From making appointments to sending reminders, it is all automated in such apps, thus saving a lot of time. Moreover, it also cuts down the money spent on hiring the staff. As there are multiple benefits of apps for a listing of doctors, let’s list down the best platforms for listings.

Best platforms for the listing of doctors

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor

It is one of the renowned names and a trusted platform for all doctors. This app allows doctors to take all their operations online. Any doctor with any area of expertise can list and handle his entire practice through this one app. To ease the work, a virtual receptionist is available on the app that takes the generic calls on the doctor’s behalf. Through this app, a doctor can:

  • Take online appointments

  • Set appointment reminders for their patients

  • Generate prescriptions and share them with the patients.

  • Store the patient data on the app for future use.

  • Provide online consultation to the patients through different modes provided by the app

The paperwork and human hours get reduced to zero, and with minimum effort, one can yield maximum benefits.


It is a well-known app, and almost every doctor of every field of study gets listed on it. What makes practo a trusted name amongst apps for the listing of doctors is its user-friendly interface. There are zero complications involved as the patient only has to create an account and get in touch with the doctors. One can refine the search based on the locality and choose the doctor after reading all the details provided on the platform. 

Appointments are booked based on the slots given on the platform, and your doctor will get a notification once you book. Through online video conferencing, one can get thorough consultation from the doctor, and in the end, the doctor can prescribe the medicine. There is a feature of review and ratings where patients can share their experiences which work as testimonies for the doctor.


Much more than an app for the listing of doctors, Lybrate works towards educating its users. There is a lot of medicinal information available on the website. People can read and gain knowledge about various diseases. Moreover, drug information is also available over the website, where you can check each medicine prescribed to you and read about its side effects and benefits. 

Other than this, patients can choose from thousands of doctors belonging to various fields of medical science. Based on the issue that one is facing, doctors in the locality are listed. Upon booking an appointment with any of the doctors, the doctor will get notified. He will be available for you at the prescribed time. One can sit online with the expert and discuss every health difficulty. The doctor can then guide the person and prescribe medicine. Furthermore, the doctor will keep the data secured and meet you with all the details in the next consultation session if required.

The next question that arises is which platform is the best for listing? The answer is that; choose a platform where most of the patients are going. Choose a trusted platform that has the highest rating and positive user reviews. Moreover, one must check all the features thoroughly to ensure that platform for listing doctors has what you are looking for. It is advisable for every doctor to get listed on such platforms to help provide easy assistance to their patients and to increase their revenue at the same time.

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