Signs of a Healthy Growing Child

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Publish Date : 2021-07-12 10:10:09
Signs of a Healthy Growing Child

Worried if your child is growing at the correct pace? We understand, as parents, it’s very important to keep track of the right nutritional intake of your child and ensure that the kid is happy and healthy. And you’ll see lots of signs pointing towards this direction. But you should be aware of them in the first place to notice them, right?

How to know if your child is growing fine?

Parents are never free from their responsibilities. After ensuring that the child eats, sleeps, and plays well, you should also be aware if all these are bringing in the desired positive results in them. And just to be sure of this positive growth factor, you can look for these signs in your child.

  • Proper physical growth —  We are sure you take your child to a good paediatrician regularly. And whenever you go for this session, the paediatrician makes it a point to check your baby’s proper height and accordingly the weight. So, what do the experts say? Is it normal? Is your child’s weight properly proportional to the growing height? If yes, then rest assured the growth is fine.
  • Alert and lively — Another noticeable sign is the kid being very alert and lively. The moment you provide the child with something, the curiosity in your child should take over and he or she should start exploring and playing with it. That is called a very alert and lively behaviour. Notice this trait in your child to know about normal growth.
  • Healthy appetite — A good appetite is another positive factor. Not just the kid should be able to eat the proper three meals a day, but the child should also show eagerness to try new tastes and relish something that you have served. It is also absolutely alright to ask for snacks in between meals.
  • Correct posture — A proper posture of a child is a great sign of a healthy growing kid. If you see that your child is not sitting straight or is unable to stand perfectly, then you should be worried about the proper physical growth. Otherwise, if everything is normal, you can relax, the child is growing fine.
  • Uninterrupted sleep — Even your child’s sleep patterns say a lot about his or her good health. If your child is crying in his or her sleep or wakes up yelling and weeping, then there is certainly something wrong. You should be aware of your emotional health as well. If your child is sleeping peacefully for around 6-8 years and waking up happily, then you shouldn't be worried at all.
  • Active social interaction — Another visible sign of a healthy child is showing interest in mingling with other kids and showing curiosity to learn more. You can aid better in this positive behaviour in your child if you enrol your kid in the best kindergarten in Melbourne, Kids & Co is one such early learning centre that promises to provide a positive learning and social atmosphere around your child which ultimately helps in the proper growth of the kid.

If you see all these signs in your child, then you can relax and continue to be a happy parent that your child is growing healthy. If not, then we suggest you contact an expert immediately.

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