thinks of a alcoholic person and how to treat them ?

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thinks of a alcoholic person and how to treat them ?

  • Why do people drink alcohol? What is the reason for drunkenness and alcoholism?

Greed and stupidity are the two main causes of drunkenness and alcoholism. Someone wants to get rich and they produce, advertise, and sell alcohol. And someone out of ignorance and stupidity uses it.

People are not taught how to properly handle alcohol, what alcoholic drinks are, what drunkenness and alcoholism are. Therefore, people become easy prey for alcohol dealers and alcoholics, who happily draw more and more victims into drunkenness.

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  • Who is an alcoholic? What are the signs of alcoholism?

The main symptom of alcoholism is a painful craving for alcohol. Unlike the natural desire to eat, drink water (if you do not do this, a person dies), craving for alcohol is not mandatory, vital, because no one has ever died of sobriety. The painfulness of alcohol cravings is easy to recognize: any obstacle to drinking makes the alcoholic angry, irritable, or in a bad, depressed mood.

The second most important sign of alcoholism is the loss of control over the dose while drinking. When an alcoholic drinks 100-200 ml of alcohol, he develops an irresistible desire to continue drinking, with all the ensuing consequences. Many alcoholics do not want or plan to get drunk, but they cannot stop drinking.

At the later stages of the disease, withdrawal (hangover) syndrome appears - a state of poor health a few hours after a heavy drink. This condition is relieved by taking small doses of alcohol; thus, alcoholics quickly become accustomed to drunkenness, and drunkenness acquires a drunken character, for several days, sometimes several weeks in a row.

  • Many other signs of alcoholism are derived from those mentioned above. What is "alcoholic thinking"?

"Alcoholic thinking" is the justification by external circumstances of one's own wrong, destructive, ineffective behavior. This is a search for obstacles to starting working on oneself by one's own perfection, by getting rid of destructive and stupid forms of behavior.

"Alcoholic thinking" is characteristic not only of alcoholics but also of family members of alcoholics.

  • What are the emotional signs of alcoholism?

The alcoholic lives on an emotional swing. When he is slightly drunk, he can be complacent and contented; when he is heavily drunk, he is rude, stupid, boring, and aggressive. If an alcoholic is deprived of alcohol, he is depressed, depressed, and irritable.

Brief breaks from drinking do not restore the alcoholic's normal emotions. For the complete normalization of emotional life, complete sobriety is necessary for at least a year, and often, in addition, to complete sobriety, it is also necessary to work on special therapeutic programs. for the treatment of alcohol, they should be contacted to GHAMKOL decent rehab center.

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  • What are the spiritual signs of alcoholism?

Deceit, pride, insecurity, disrespect for people, disbelief, despair.

  • What is the treatment for alcoholism?

Alcoholism is an incurable, chronic, progressive, and fatal disease. An alcoholic cannot be cured. Therefore, everyone who claims that they cure alcoholics is lying. An alcoholic can be intimidated to the point that he stops drinking alcohol for a while, or he can be taught conscious sobriety in a difficult life situation. Treatment of an alcoholic is teaching an alcoholic to live soberly in difficult living conditions, to remain sober, no matter what happens to him in life.

The easiest way to learn to live soberly in a group of fellow misfortunes (that is, the same alcoholics) under the guidance of an experienced instructor in the technique of maintaining conscious sobriety.

  • Why is alcoholism so difficult to treat?

The main reason for the failure of the alcoholic's treatment is his pride. The vast majority of adults believe that they "know how to live", that they are able to figure out their own problems and solve them on their own, without training.

In addition, the alcoholic experiences a painful attraction to alcohol and is afraid to even imagine that he will not drink alcohol for any length of time.

  • What if an alcoholic appears at home?

Contact a specialist a doctor (psychiatrist, narcologist, psychotherapist) who has the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of working with alcoholics; a sober alcoholic with extensive experience of conscious sobriety, and a relative of an alcoholic with special training in counseling on alcoholism.

Unfortunately, many alcoholics continue to drink no matter what. However, you should not lose hope until you have done everything that is recommended in certain cases. In any case, those alcoholics who began to lead a sober lifestyle decided to be sober only under the influence of some significant changes in their life.

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Try to start the change with yourself - maybe it will affect "your" alcoholic.

  • What is alcoholism prevention?

At the country level: legislation and administration: the trend towards a gradual, gentle decline in the production and distribution of alcohol. At the community level: educational and assistance (identification of disadvantaged families and provision of specialized assistance to them) programs.

  • Why do prevention programs work so badly?

The population does not want to discuss the problem of drunkenness and alcoholism. People shy away from honest prevention work. The problem is identified, but its true causes and the ultimate goals of prevention programs are not indicated. Nobody scientifically analyzed the consequences of drunkenness and alcoholism in our country (Belarus). The government is afraid of losing excess profits from the sale of alcohol.

  • How can an alcoholic stay sober and feel good no matter what?

The basis of sobriety is faith, hope, and love.

Belief in one's own sobriety is based on the fact that many other alcoholics are sober. If they succeed, you will succeed.

The hope is based on being sober today. So you can hope that you will remain sober tomorrow.

Love is not an abstract philosophical concept and not a slobbering feeling of pity for oneself or some "unhappy" people. Love is simply a desire for the good of those around you. Effective love does well without hoping for reciprocity and without being upset by ingratitude. Love must be learned. The easiest way to learn love is in a group of like-minded people. Find them and you will remain sober


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