what to do if husband is a drug addict ?

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what to do if husband is a drug addict ?

A number of indirect manifestations will help to answer the question of whether the husband became a drug addict or not. The presence of injection marks is not a mandatory sign of drug addiction. Today, only a small proportion of drugs are injected intravenously. A huge amount of substances can be used orally, nasally, and in other ways. It is possible to determine that the husband is a drug addict by a number of other signals. The behavior of a person should be alerted, or rather, the fact that it has changed dramatically:

·        drug addicts often show emotional instability;

·        the mood quickly changes from unrestrained fun to apathy and despondency;

·        outbreaks of gratuitous aggression are not uncommon;

·        Increased irritability is observed.

Motor inhibition, indifference to everything that happens, periodic incoherence of speech should alert. The social circle suddenly changes - common interests with friends and colleagues disappear, there is no desire to spend time with family. It has been noticed that practically all drug addicts change their character. Sociable and energetic people become withdrawn and silent. Modest people can, on the contrary, show excessive talkativeness and relaxedness.


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what happened when a husband addicts drugs : 

A man often ceases to monitor his appearance, there is slovenliness, a careless attitude to clothes. A particularly alarming signal is the disappearance of valuables, jewelry, and saved money. Gadgets are constantly "lost" and funds are needed to buy new ones. The husband continues to work as before, but does not bring home his salary, or his income is greatly reduced.

A person who is drawn into drug addiction is no longer interested in family affairs, becomes indifferent to his wife and children. Wives often notice that their husbands are no longer interested in them. Each symptom alone does not indicate drug addiction. But if there are several, it indicates the likelihood of a problem.

what to do a wife when his husband addict to drugs:

When a spouse notices that her husband has changed, the question arises, "Is my husband a drug addict?" There is no definite answer to this question. Only a professional neurologist can establish an accurate diagnosis and the degree of drug addiction based on an external examination and the test results obtained.

When a woman first finds out about this, the news catches her by surprise and confuses her. The questions are spinning in my head: "How to protect a child?", "How to protect yourself?", "How to save a loved one?"

Medical practice shows that there is a chance of salvation. If the husband asks for the help of doctors - neurologists, psychologists, and other specialists in time, he will be able to get rid of the addiction.

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What if the husband is a drug addict uses drugs?

Experts advise taking the first steps towards getting rid of fatal addiction:

  1. Most families facing disaster have found that it is useless to ask their husbands to quit drugs. He is seriously ill with his addiction - it is impossible to ask the patient to take it and recover by an effort of will.
  2. You should not swear and reproach your husband for not living up to the family's hopes. This is psychological pressure that will only turn a person away from constructive dialogue.
  3. It is necessary to separate the addiction from the spouse. The drugs are to blame for the problems, not your loved one.
  4. You don't need to take responsibility for your husband. You should also not show excessive guardianship, this can cause aggression in response.
  5. If a husband suffering from drug addiction is not ready to start treatment, does not admit his addiction, all attempts at forced rehabilitation will have no effect.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to tell about this problem to relatives and friends. This will create deep hostility and distrust between the spouses.

You shouldn't go for provocations from your husband. You cannot pay off the monetary debts that he made, believe in a deliberate lie. Family members must be principled. Such measures will form in the addict a sense of their own responsibility for what is happening. Only in this way can a wife show love for her spouse and give him a chance for a full recovery.

The situation is greatly complicated if there are children in the family where the husband became a drug addict. It is worth seriously thinking about ensuring their complete safety of health and life. The addict's behavior can be unpredictable.



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