Clearing your doubts on edge protection solutions or guardrails

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Publish Date : 2021-09-09 15:11:13
Clearing your doubts on edge protection solutions or guardrails

Working on heights of your own roof or at a construction site, there are risks attached to such jobs. Whether you are calling the professionals to work at such sites or you are going to manage it all by yourself, safety is an essential criterion to consider. This shows the need for edge protection solutions or guardrails at construction sites or wherever there are humans working at a certain height.

 The important FAQs about the installation of edge protection solutions and guardrails

Normally, the main function of installing the edge protection solutions or roofing rails or guardrails is to provide utmost safety for the people working at a risky height. But in order to provide that rock-solid safety in your building, the edge protection in NZ from Save Ya Roofing should only be considered. They are experienced, provide cost-effective solutions, and are very much informed about each and everything related to these safe roofing options. Now read about the most frequently asked questions about edge protection solutions.

  • Should guard rails always be fitted on the edge of the roof? — Not always! Yes, it is referred to as edge protection and the logical place for guard rails is at the corners of a terrace or roof, but it can be installed on any side of this area for safety purposes. Though we would recommend you install these within the safety perimeter of the roof so that you get safer access to the gutters as well.

  • Is there a legally required height for the guardrails? —Some of the guardrails are manufactured at the minimum height of 1100mm, but it is also subjective of their position in a certain area. Though the standard size of these rails is around 1 meter, you may extend the height and the width of the rails according to their function in the proposed property.

  • Can guardrails be folded? — Yes, it is possible to fold the guard rails as per the requirements in a certain area, but we would recommend you to think of customizing the same for better convenience and aesthetics of the building.

  • Can edge protections be permanently fitted on the roof? — Now this depends upon various factors. If the roof is under construction and the guard rails are installed just for this work, you get temporary edge protection solutions for these construction sites. If it’s your house renovations and you want the guard rails installed for future usage, you can ask the company to install these permanently as well.

  • Do I need to get the rails inspected occasionally? — Yes, this is absolutely mandatory. You just can't miss the annual inspection of the guardrails on your terrace. Since the safety of you and your family members and even the workers cleaning the roof might be under risk, inspecting this structure warns you of the forthcoming issues beforehand.

If you still have any doubts while installing them in your preferred area, don’t hesitate to ask about it to the installer undertaking this task.

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