From the designers’ notes – trendy home décor trends to try this year

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-09-10 13:17:13
From the designers’ notes – trendy home décor trends to try this year

We all want to design our homes with the help of a great interior designer. But we understand that all of us can't afford their charges every season. That is why, if you are trying to get to know their secrets this season, we have got some excellent ideas directly coming straight from the designers’ notes. You can try these at your home and give your personal haven a nice and unique look and feel.

Some nice and positive interior designing ideas for your home

Adorning your home requires some talent and exclusive ideas. After all, we all want our homes to look unique and trendy. And for this, you need not hire an interior designer now. We have some fabulous home décor ideas especially for you that don’t require an interior designer to curate them. Read about them below:

  • A bold gallery — Many designers recommend you have a plush and bold gallery wall in your living room. The pictures you use in adorning this wall along with some borders created by plastering look fantastic. There are experts in such creative plastering and gib fixing in Auckland like Fine Finish Interiors who do the job very neatly and perfectly for you. They have very experienced experts knowing all about gib stopping, fixing, and even creating plasterboard in your home. The fascinating combination of a bordered wall along with a fine gallery within it definitely becomes the eye-catching formula for your room.
  • Pastels on the floor — Now tell us what colors do you often choose for your floors? Well, normally you would go for brown or simply white or might be beige. But expert designers recommend going for pastel blue shades (like that of an ocean) or a soothing green (like that of a meadow) for your floors. Yes, these are the new trends that are raging in the most modern homes worldwide. Such kinds of floors not only provide a refreshing look to your house, but if you are picking up great materials like tiles or natural stone for creating this effect in your home, they tend to last long as well.
  • Bold designs in small spaces — Do you have a very small area that you intend to decorate nicely just like a designer would recommend? Well, we have an excellent idea for these spaces as well. For small spaces (you can think of your powder room for example), we would recommend you try going for the bold floral or geometric patterned wallpaper. You will love the exclusive and unique but catchy look this room will get because of this impressive and stunning design idea.
  • Use dark shades in the hallway — We have seen hallways being covered in only light or neutral colors. But why not change this stereotype in interior designing with the help of the latest trends (provided by the designers)? Well, you can use dark shades in your hallway as well. These can be black, navy, violet, purple, and even dark grey for that matter. They just should be contrasted with lighter shades via other décor elements in order to create a stunning effect. For example – Crystal wall arts on a black wall, white frames on a navy or grey wall, mirror on a violet wall, etc.

You can’t challenge the fact that these tips are totally game-changers. Now try them out yourself and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. 

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