Here Are 3 Quick Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home Over Spring Season

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-08-05 07:21:21
Here Are 3 Quick Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home Over Spring Season

Spring is beautiful; it appears as though nature births itself again. Fresh, colorful flowers bloom and blue skies adorn the scenery.

Yet, come springtime and you will be greeted with- seasonal allergies!

Watery and itchy eyes constant sneezes seem to be the norm for every spring season.

 You might think that it's better that you don't step out of your house for a while. Or you could opt to wear a mask when you go out to beat the seasonal blues. But the main danger is not outside but between the four walls of your home itself!

 Think about it- pet dander, dust mites and mold can be your biggest victim. Moreover, we can find them plentiful at any house.

Rather than injecting yourself with allergy medicine- why not try your hand at some new technology. You can even stick to good old spring cleaning to ease your symptoms.

Let us find out

  • Buy An Air Purifier

It is easily one of the best inventions of the 21st century for allergy sufferers! This is because air purifiers have a HEPA filter. This means that they can effectively remove up to 98 percent of allergens found in the air.

A common misunderstanding is that all air purifiers are costly. This is completely untrue. It used to be true, however owing to high demand, the price has dropped.

If you already have an air purifier and aren't seeing any advantages, replace the filter! We should replace filters every six months or one year. Many air purifiers automatically alert you when the HEPA filters need to be replaced.

Everyone adores spring breezes. But you will have plenty of time when allergy season is over to enjoy the breeze. For now, keep the windows and doors closed airtight so that the air purifier can perform its magic.

  • Clean Your Floors

Even the cleanest floors have dust and soil over it-it is true! Each time you or your pet goes out, you get dirt, dander and foreign allergens carried in with you in your shoe.

  • Where do you walk in with the shoe? The floors!

 If your floor has carpets and rugs, it becomes even more important to clean it thoroughly. Carpets and rugs are magnets, and they hold the dust and mites to their surface. 

If you ask us what's worse? Each time you walk on the carpet, the allergens fly into the atmosphere, making you sneeze.

If cleaning carpets is difficult for you, you may hand them over to a professional who can assist you. There are several carpet cleaners in Bunbury who can assist you in cleaning your carpets without harming them.

  • Clean Your Curtains

Curtains are one of the most common place where dust and mites can latch themselves. Curtains and blinds act as barriers between the outside world and the inside. 

You should thoroughly clean the curtains with regular vacuuming. Try vacuuming every other day with the lowest setting to avoid any damage to the curtain. For a deeper clean, give it to dry cleaners around your area.

So what are the other common areas where dust can collect? 

Window panes, stair railings, storage boxes, candle holders, and above cupboard and bookshelf are some areas.

Also, make sure you empty the vacuum outside your house in a trash can.

You wouldn't want to be blown away with a pollen bomb on your face and waste all the hard work removing pollen from your home!

Final Word

Allergens can cause serious problems if not tackled properly, like respiratory illnesses of asthma, and more. Make sure you follow the above said ways to help decrease the pollen load in your house. If yet, nothing helps, it's best to contact your health practitioner for better insight.

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