Know All The Major Steps Followed By Professional Exterior House Painters

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Publish Date : 2021-10-05 18:10:44
Know All The Major Steps Followed By Professional Exterior House Painters

Exterior painting tasks are never cheap. It may cost you a lot of money. It is also not possible to paint the exteriors on your own. The surface is never smooth, making it difficult to paint. Even if you manage somehow, you may never get the desired finish. 

Present time construction is difficult and so is the exterior painting task. It is always better to leave the job for the professional team. You can search for the best plastering in Auckland online. You will come across a list of professional house painters who perform this task.

If you hire a professional team, then they follow their standard procedure to accomplish this task. You can read about the procedure below.

Removing the lead paint

Before you have one coat of paint on the walls, it is important to remove the lead paint coating. This task is never easy if it has to be performed outdoors. You have to protect the surroundings when scrapping the old paint.

It requires a lot of expertise. A professional team will use advanced tools to remove the paint coating before new paint is applied.

Washing the walls

The exterior walls may need extra protection. They have to be cleaned. The expert team will make use of pressure washing tools and all dust and paint particles have to be removed. The surface should be dust and debris free.

The walls should be washed and allowed to dry naturally. The washing task has to be performed two or three times.

Scrapping action

Even if you are using an advanced pressure washing tool, the paint still has to be scrapped. This task is mainly performed manually. Tools may not prove much helpful in this case. The task is also time-consuming. It may take two or three days to accomplish this task.

You will have to hire the best team. Professionals may have a permit to perform this task outdoors.

Sanding task

Once the peeling part is done then you will have to sand the exterior walls. Do not make use of tough sandpaper if the walls need soft texture. If the wall is uneven then sanding is never easy. The machine sanding tool is the best option. 

All the rough spots have to be sand using quality sandpaper. Using the right grit sandpaper is essential.

Repair and fill

The sanding will usually leave a few spots open on the walls. These spots have to be filled and treated. The quality putty material is used for this task. The choice of putty depends on the paint quality experts will use.

For exteriors you have to use paint that offers protection against weather elements. If the walls are not smooth, then painting may not be easy. Once the repairs and fills are done then the first layer of the paint can be applied. 

Using advanced painting tools will offer the best results. If the wall is rough then you will have to use the spray gun technique.

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