SAP Commerce Cloud: A Complete Digital Business Solution

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Publish Date : 2021-05-14 13:44:23
SAP Commerce Cloud: A Complete Digital Business Solution

The world as we know it today has changed significantly! Moving from 2019 to 2020, everything from the way we purchase to the way we work has changed drastically. The size of an enterprise is not a factor anymore; organizations can now carry out their operations at a global level and cater to international customers without even being physically present in that country. That’s the power of the internet.

When paired with modern intelligent tools, such flexibility at operations has made cloud operations possible, allowing businesses to serve the best customer experience. Talking of intelligent tools, SAP Commerce Cloud is a flexible and scalable solution that helps in providing a high level of customer experience.

SAP Hybris Commerce was renamed as SAP Commerce Cloud when SAP shifted to its cloud platform. The main aim of using SAP Commerce Cloud is to ensure comprehensive commercial study and provide a better shopping experience. It is one of the essential components of the SAP HANA suite.

How? Let’s explore...

Features of SAP Commerce Cloud:

Some of the essential features of SAP Commerce Cloud that makes it such a desirable product for different enterprises are:

Omni-channel Storefront: Provides a similar experience to the customer across multiple channels. Whether the customer is using a mobile, desktop, or tablet, they’re entitled to have a similarly seamless experience to their shopping.

Personalization: The personalization feature of SAP Commerce Cloud allows organizations to improve the average purchase value by analyzing the buying pattern of a particular customer. This way, the organization will be able to suggest similar products during checkout and increase the chances of the customer buying the suggested products as well.

Order Management: SAP Commerce Cloud supports several B2B and B2C platforms by creating several go-to-market strategies, all through one single platform in a straightforward manner. It removes the complexities of managing global market channels and overcomes the high costs of data fragmentation.

Real-time Customer Support: With SAP Cloud Commerce, businesses can also assist customers in real-time during the time of purchase or address problems they face. The customers can directly reach out to dedicated customer support in purchasing from an online or offline store. This helps in improving the trust of the consumers in the brand.

Accelerators: SAP Commerce Cloud is equipped with accelerators that can address your company’s needs and offer cross-industry accelerators specific to the B2B or B2C sectors. This feature is beneficial for enterprises of multiple sizes, especially those who have just begun their journey.

Out of the Box Modules:

The SAP Commerce Cloud framework is a modular system where the SAP implementation companies can select modules they might need and use them accordingly. The modules can be integrated as they are available, or they can be modified by adding extensions to make those more suitable for a particular company.

Following are some of the out-of-the-box modules that are available in SAP Commerce Cloud:

Product Content Management: This module helps store a high volume of product-related data that can be accessed from one point. This is a very convenient system as it helps in supporting bulk product content across multiple sales channels.

Having a single reliable source of information is very beneficial, and it can be beneficial for informing the customers about a company’s product or services. Even though most organizations use such functionality, using SAP Commerce Cloud helps increase the efficiency of the entire process.

The activities that one can perform using this module are:

  • Create and monitor catalogs
  • Give product descriptions in multiple languages for international transportations
  • Interact with customers to generate more content
  • Edit those content in real-time

Customer Experience Management: Only providing accurate information efficiently will not help in acquiring customers; a company needs to understand what their customers need and design products accordingly. Everyone loves to access personalized products that are designed as per their preferences. This feeling of exclusivity is something that a company should try to provide its customers.

To provide the best customer experience, an enterprise should use a software product as an easy way of getting information about the customer and track the customer’s activities by monitoring his searches, clicks, and purchases. This helps segment customers based on the preference of brand, style, color, and other things to make the recommendation process more accurate.

The activities that one can perform using this module are:

  • Generate personalized recommendations
  • Develop effective marketing strategies
  • Make promotional campaigns

Another significant part is customer recovery, as a few customers might visit the product page but don’t proceed to purchase. Here comes the duty of the customer experience team as they help figure out the problems that the customer might be facing and solve those issues to make the customer make a purchase.

Order Management: The company uses this module to assist the customer during the entire purchasing process, from issuing the order to the customer receiving the service. This ensures that the customer gets the best purchasing experience, besides experiencing seamless returns or re-order services. This helps in improving customer relationships while keeping track of the company’s current inventory.

The activities that one can perform using this module are:

  • Real-time visibility of the company’s sales and stocks
  • Optimizing and streamlining shipments for better efficiency
  • Quick order pickup and packaging that encourages buying and order completion procedures


SAP Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based flexible framework that takes care of all the commercial transactions in a company. A cloud platform like SAP S/4 HANA can perform efficient data management and make sure that the customer has the best purchasing experience.

Seamless operations, when paired with the best customer experiences, deliver profits and scalability without any hindrance. Aim for the best, aim for SAP Commerce Cloud.

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