Why My Printer Wont Print and Everything Is Connected Perfectly

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Publish Date : 2021-05-21 04:56:07
Why My Printer Wont Print and Everything Is Connected Perfectly

HP printers are considered one of the most reliable and occasionally fail. If you use HP printers frequently, you should know some tricks to solve common printing problems. This will ensure that your work is not interrupted unless it is a serious problem that requires the attention of qualified technicians. To find out why the HP printer does not print, troubleshoot and resolve the problem. The following are some of the main reasons why HP Printer not Printing

Printer driver problem

Did you know that most printer users barely update the applications on their PCs, which is one of the reasons why HP printers won't print? If there is a problem with your HP printer, you need to check if the software and applications on your computer have been updated. 

For example, you may be using an outdated printer driver. If this is the case, you must obtain the latest version of the application to solve the problem. The printer driver you are using may not be compatible with your operating system, and if you are unable to obtain the latest version of the driver or have updated it, but the problem persists, you should contact HP support for assistance. . 

If the problem is related to malware or incompatible software, it is important to leave this work to the experts.

Ghost Image 

In this case, the image can be printed correctly, but the printer will also print a lighter copy of the image. This problem is primarily due to the printer's power source, so you can quickly determine if the problem should be plugging the printer into another outlet. 
Ghosting can also be caused by consumables such as printer components (such as the imaging kit) and the toner cartridge is about to run out. Printer supplies are designed for a specific number of pages; therefore, when they are about to run out, you will need to replace them to eliminate ghosting. Always keep track of consumables so you know when they need to be replaced.

Paper jam 

A paper jam is one of the reasons why HP printers do not print. Although the latest HP printers are less prone to paper jams, this can still happen. Paper jams mainly occur when the paper is misaligned. If this is the reason why your HP printer cannot print, you can solve this problem by loading the paper correctly. 

The 50.4 Error Message

Error message was found on some of the latest HP LaserJet printers because the 50.4 error message was caused by a power supply problem. If you want to resolve this error and the HP printer is connected to the UPS, unplug the printer and plug it directly into the power outlet. We recommend not connecting a laser printer to the UPS to avoid damaging the UPS from power surges when the printer is trying to maintain its optimum temperature. If the problem cannot be solved, you must confirm that all the printer components are in the correct positions. 
When you lose your pending work, there is nothing more frustrating than a paper jam in your HP printer. The above mentioned is one of the most common problems that can cause your HP printer not to print. If you try to repair the printer according to the tips above, but the problem is still not resolved, be sure to contact a qualified technician for troubleshooting and repair.
Therefore, it is also necessary to limit the filling of the paper tray with recording paper to avoid unnecessary paper jams. Therefore, check the paper tray to make sure the paper is aligned correctly and try not to overload it.

Why is my HP Printer Not Printing Black Ink

It is highly recommended that you use an HP printer to improve your print quality. They provide all customers with attractive offers and services, including free shipping and returns. You can also use HP printers at home and in the office. But what if you stop the service on the printer or the HP printer no longer prints black?

Here are some solution, to get rid of this HP Printer Black Ink Not Printing problem. Kindly use the following solutions in a step-wise manner.

Fix 1

HP printers cannot print due to clogged printer head vents, black issues can occur. Therefore, your printer head cannot print in black or any other color. To resolve this issue, follow the instructions provided:

  • Switch On your HP Printer 
  • Open up your HP Printer’s cartridge panel.
  • Let reset your print head by itself.
  • Take out the color units and Print head

(installed below color units).

  • You have to clean the print head.

(ink from color units may have to obstruct its vent)

  • You have to clean it properly with water and then dry it with a smooth cloth.
  • After cleaning and drying, you have to place it back in your HP printer.
  • Place all the accessories back to their places.
  • Now, check your printing quality with a test print. Print with black color as well as CYMK colors.

Fix 2

 Check the ink in the 

  • ink cartridge to keep the printer in on mode. 
  • Open the printer cartridge panel cover. 
  • Take out the ink cartridge and take out the empty ink cartridge box with a new quality ink cartridge. 
  • uses the printer screen. 
  • Look for the (⎼) sign on the screen (upper left corner) 
  • Use the side arrows on the screen to find the "Tools" option. 
  • Click "OK" under the "Tools" option. 
  • You will now see an option to check the ink level of the cartridge. Select it and click OK.

Use the Self-Regulating Cleaning Tool


  • You have to use Printer Screen again.
  • Select  () sign and use the directional arrow to get back to Tool option.
  • Select the Tool option and Hit Ok again.
  • Use the right arrow & Locate the Print head cleaning option.
  • The print head will take a while, to clean itself.
  • You’ll get a test print automatically after the cleaning process completes.

If you have followed both steps properly. Surely your HP Printer Not Printing Black problem will get resolved. But if you find still got a detective test print. Examine it with the following step:

  • Examine the test print quality, by again switching back to the tool option. 
  • Use the directional arrow and select the print quality report. 
  • You’ll get the complete quality report.

Through this above-mentioned examination, if you have got a defective in your ink cartridge. Go for the next step.

Fix 3

Remove the Defective Ink Cartridges & Alignment Process

Ink cartridge defects can also cause printing problems because HP printers will provide you with blank pages or cannot print black. To stop this "HP printer does not print black" problem, use a few simple tips:

  • Power On your HP Printer.
  • Open up the printer panel & let the cartridge transit to the center.
  • Press gently on ink units to take them out of the print head slots.
  • You have to examine the expiration date. If they are expired, replace them with new ones.
  • now, Close down the printer panel.
  • Check on Printer Screen, it will show some information about printer alignment demo, paper loading and calibrating color units.
  • Hit Ok for all the information demo.
  • The printer will start itself to initiate for allignment.
  • Now take out a test print and place it on the scanner.
  • Information will pop on the printer screen. Hit Ok on it.
  • Now, your printer will be aligned completely.

Here are 5 recommended suggestions to keep in mind so, you never have to encounter HP Printer Not Printing Black problem. 

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