Why NodeJS is the best JavaScript Runtime Environment?

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Why NodeJS is the best JavaScript Runtime Environment?

JavaScript is the oldest text-based programming language, widely used for both server-side and client-side. Often, it is used to make HTML and CSS-based structures and styles interactive and lively. Or, JavaScript provides interactive elements to static web pages to engage the users.


NodeJS Runtime Environment

Briefing on Node JS, it is a cross-platform, open-source, back-end JS runtime environment. It runs on V8 engine and executes JavaScript code (outside web browser). In addition to JavaScript, C, C++, and CoffeeScript are other programming languages that support Node Js built. The users can run NodeJS on multiple platforms including Mac OS, Windows, Unix, Linux, and more.


History of NodeJS

NodeJS holds its origins back in 2009 when Ryan Dahl introduced it to the market while working in collaboration with some other developers. At that time, it only supported Linux. Since then it has undergone multiple enhancements and brings numerous variations that have been widely adopted by multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Currently, Node JS is managed and upgraded by Microsoft Corporation, Bryan Cantrill, Ryan Dahl, and OpenJS Foundation. And, its stable release 15.12.0 was released just 12 days ago.


Why NodeJS is the best JS runtime environment?

  • Easy to Learn and Implement

As discussed JavaScript is the oldest programming language so its derivative is apparently easy to learn and implement in any project. Already knowing JavaScript provides the developers a great start with NodeJS. Of course, the backend development principles simplify a lot of things. Therefore, its ease of adoption is the foremost reason to choose NodeJS development services for your project.

  • Caching

Node JS brings the advantage of caching single modules. Whenever a user requests for the first module, a cache of the same is created in the application memory. There doesn't remain any need to re-executing the codes. Because caching facilitates faster page loads and swift responses to the users.

  • Scalable

Another key advantage of using NodeJS is its scalable build. The developers find it easy to scale NodeJS applications in both horizontal and vertical directions. By adding some extra nodes to the existing system, NodeJS applications can be scaled horizontally. For vertical scaling, adding additional resources to single nodes will work the best.

Therefore, we can call NodeJS the most scalable than other available JavaScript servers.

  • Huge Ecosystem

NodeJS brings a huge ecosystem including npm or Node.js package manager. NPM serves as a marketplace for various open-source JavaScript tools and helps in the advancement of this technology itself. As of now, there are around 836,000 libraries available in the npm registry; every week 10,000+ new libraries get published while making NodeJS ecosystem rich.


The overall popularity of NodeJS due to its open-source software that enables developers to build business applications while reducing cost and time to market. Therefore, if you’re looking for JavaScript development services, choosing a NodeJS environment helps you to stay competitive.

  • Strong Community

Node Js brings a large, strong, and active community of developers who continuously keep on contributing towards its development and improvement. In fact, there are already groups of JavaScript programmers who are actively providing easy & ready-made solutions and GitHub codes. It is anticipated that this developer community will grow tremendously in the future as well.


Above all these advantages, NodeJS is well-known for its high performance. Due to its reliance on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the process of compiling and implementing code into machine code becomes easy and fast. Besides, there are Node.js frameworks that have been inspired by Node JS popularity, primarily intended to simplify web development processes. The developers have the choice of choosing this language as it is for their projects or its frameworks.


At last, I hope you find this article useful in regards to your confusion regarding choosing Node JS for your next project.

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