How to mark a loved ones death anniversary?

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How to mark a loved ones death anniversary?

Facing the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things that we may go through in life. It is something that we have to face throughout our lives. A death anniversary or remembrance day tends to trigger up complex emotions ranging from grief, sorrow, to regret. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, one may not understand what to do on the day. 

When it comes to death anniversaries, it is good to acknowledge the loss. As years pass by the form of grief also changes. You may feel differently each year. What we must know is that our lost loved one deserves to be celebrated, honoured and remembered. It will mark their life and the relationship they had with us. 

Here are some ideas on how you can mark a loved one's death anniversary:

  • Hold a remembrance ceremony

Holding a remembrance ceremony is a great way to honour your loved one. Invite all the people who were close to the lost person. Everyone can share their thoughts and memories about the loved one. The ceremony can be a series of events including prayers, memories, songs, and games. Everything can be personalized to honour the lost one. To have a stress free event you can hire professional funeral services such as the Last Journey who hold a memorable celebration of life event. 

  • Visit the final resting place

One of the most special ways of marking your loved one's death anniversary is by visiting their final resting place. It can either be a gravesite, a place where you scattered their ashes, or a location that was close to your lost love one. You can either visit alone to reflect and remember or visit along with family and friends. It is always a good idea to make a remembrance trip out of the day.

  • Donate/Support a cause

Making donations or volunteering for organizations that were close to the lost loved one is a beautiful way of commemorating. It can be a hospital, community centre, old age home, or some other eco-friendly cause. It will allow you to leave a legacy in the name of the deceased. 

  • Take a day off

Take a day off from off work and the daily hustle-bustle of life. Have some free time by yourself and go through old photos and videos of the lost one. You can even make a keepsake box or a scrapbook that will stay with your forever. Play the lost one's favourite song, cook their favourite dish, and remember them for who they were. 

  • Journal/Write a poem or blog

Journal your thoughts. Writing is a good way to let out and deal with emotions. You can get a journal where you write your feelings and emotions about the loss as days pass by. Posting a poem or blog on social media or any other forum is a great way to mark your loved one's death anniversary. 

  • Create Art

Creating something yourself in the memory of your loved one is a great way of honouring them. By creating art you are allowing yourself to let your emotions and create something beautiful out of them. 

You can either make a painting or a sculpture, write a poem, compose a song, or anything else. It can either be displayed or given to family and friends as a token of memory.

  • Express through a floral tribute

Flowers are the perfect embodiment of life, love, and remembrance. You can create personalized bouquets of flowers and keep them at the final resting place of the deceased. It is a chance for you to visit the place and shower all your love and feelings. Another thing that you can do is create a memorable table with customized floral themes. Old photos along with the favourite flowers of your loved one help create a tribute of a lifetime. 

  • Light a candle, release lanterns

Your loved one was unique and deserve a unique and grand way to be commemorated. You can light candles at home or places of worship. Customize this by writing and designing their name. 

Releasing lanterns is a beautiful way of marking something and then letting it free. It is an act of love and letting go of it when need be. You can invite family and friends to make an event out of it.

  • Plant a Tree

Plant a tree or some flowers in a pot in honour of your loved one. You can watch it grow over the years as it will be a symbolism of your loved one. It can be a place of comfort for future death anniversaries and important events. 

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