Some Secrets of Motor Insurance That the Experts Don’t Tell You

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-09-15 15:39:21
Some Secrets of Motor Insurance That the Experts Don’t Tell You

Going for car insurance is the first thing you do after buying a vehicle. It not only ensures complete security of the vehicle, but also reduces the financial burden from your shoulders if anything goes wrong with the car. We are sure you read the offer document very carefully when you signed the insurance papers. But do you know even after going through all these terms and conditions, there are certain terms which are very important, and the insurance companies never tell you about them? We think you should be aware of these at all costs.

The hidden facts about your motor insurance

Half information can sometimes be the biggest loss you have to bear. Even in motor insurance -- when you don’t know half the facts about it, how are you going to take complete advantage of this policy? Sometimes, even if you try, the motor insurance company won’t always tell you the exact facts candidly. So, we thought of helping you hereby bringing all the necessary details below:

  • Different car models have distinct insurance rates — Do you know the kind of insurance premium you are offered is highly dependent upon your car model? Well, the ranking system of insurance plans differs on the basis of the car models. Like, if you have an exclusive vintage car, the insurance premium and rating of that car would be entirely different compared to an economical version.
  • Being a good driver has some great advantages — Another important thing that really any insurance agent never lets you know is that if you are a good driver, you have your own sets of benefits in your motor insurance plans. This can be explained by the fact that if you are at fault when driving a car then you get a lesser amount of insurance claim (in comparison to a person who is a good and safe driver and yet is an accident victim).
  • You can get good insurance plans through comparison — No, we are not telling you to turn into a detective exactly. But if you are inquiring about your motor insurance, you might as well compare the premium and rates plus the plans from multiple agencies. It is important if you want to get the highest claim in lesser premiums for your vehicle.  Naturally, this is something no insurance agent wants you to know.
  • You have the right to choose the panel beaters of your choice — If you are unfortunate to face an accident and intend to claim the insurance from the company, most of the time, you depend upon your agent to provide you a list of mechanics or panel beaters for the repair. It is a misconception that you get an insurance claim approved only if you connect with them for the job. The agent won’t even let you know that even if you don’t ask them, you have the complete freedom to choose the panel beaters you want for the job. There are some really good panel beaters in Melbourne like Glassworks who might not be present in your insurance agent’s list but can do an excellent job of repairing your vehicle thoroughly. Just remember, you have to provide the bill with your claim to get the insured amount.

Now even you will agree that this information is really crucial for you. If you want to know about these in detail or more such hidden facts, ask your insurance agent clearly. 

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