The Most Common Causes of Drowsy Driving

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-07-24 18:02:36
The Most Common Causes of Drowsy Driving

Sleep sometimes has this weird habit. It doesn’t bless your senses when you are in bed but makes you feel drowsy as soon as you start doing something worthwhile. Like, when you’re driving for example. You often feel drowsy (which isn’t actually safe). But do you know what causes this? We know you are quite serious about controlling this habit of feeling drowsy while driving, but you should know the reasons behind it in order to get rid of this habit.

Why do you feel drowsy while driving?

You will be surprised to know, drowsiness while driving is one of the biggest contributors to major road accidents. And most of these accidents are really fatal. And the condition of the cars became such that they had to be given as scrap cars in Auckland to Auto Wrecker. Their great record of picking up damaged and accident-prone vehicles from the site and recycling them has made them the best scrappers in the city. But you are definitely more interested in what exactly leads to this drowsy feeling while you’re driving the car – so, keep reading:

  • Sleep deprivation — Sleep deprivation is the most common cause of drowsiness during driving. If you are not getting enough sleep before you are set to drive, then we have a wise suggestion for you that don't sit behind the steering wheel in such a condition. You never know when you’ll feel drowsy and cause a massive accident on the road.
  • Alcohol consumption — You know that drinking and driving is prohibited and very dangerous and you shouldn't do so. But sometimes you think that you haven't drunk much and that is why you will be able to drive normally on the roads. But since you have consumed a small amount of alcohol, it makes you feel drowsy, and you tend to fall asleep in between the drive. Try to avoid alcohol at all conditions before driving or avoid driving after drinking.
  • Medications — Some medications have the tendency of inducing sleep. And believe us, these can be very dangerous for a driver. That is why you’ll find a clear warning listed in many of the medicine bottles not to consume them before driving.
  • Weird time of driving — Night driving is mostly criticized by lots of experts in driving. They say that a driver tends to naturally feel sleepy and drowsy during the night.
  • Sleeping disorders — Sometimes you feel drowsy while driving because of improper sleeping habits. If you have a habit of lying awake till late at night and then you start to drive for work at around 7:00 AM, obviously you will feel drowsy during this time. Even if you are getting your proper sleep hours, but this improper timetable often makes you drowsy while driving.

Now, does this answer your question -- why do you feel drowsy while you are driving? We hope that you will try to get everything right so that the next time you are behind the wheels, you won't feel sleepy again. 

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