Grow your E-commerce Business Using Bulk SMS

Author : errickravi
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 10:54:46
Grow your E-commerce Business Using Bulk SMS

The Indian economy has been observing a massive shift with the rapid technological evolution brought by the internet. E-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Alibaba are among the biggest E-commerce companies in the world, generating billions of revenues. Millions of people worldwide are now fulfilling their shopping desires with the help of these E-commerce platforms. Due to the number of smartphone users, messaging has now become a quick, reliable, and secure way to bring more business. E-commerce industries are now opting for various mediums to reach more and more people to improve and enhance the services. Bulk SMS service is the perfect platform for E-commerce industries. 

Why Bulk SMS Service for E-commerce?

Bulk SMS services present E-commerce website owners with a great opportunity. It can bridge the gap in client service offerings with SMS technology, which will enhance E-commerce conversions over time. With Bulk SMS, you can await a boost in site metrics, sales and customer retention rates from the beginning of promotions.

SMS serves as the perfect medium for an E-commerce portal. It is the most convenient tool to stay connected with clients and disseminate vital information in just a fraction of seconds. It is the only tool that directly connects with the target group and saves time and cost for people engaged in the E-commerce business.

Benefits of E-commerce SMS Service

  • Customer Retention

Customer retention and repeat buying are improved with Bulk SMS as customers are encouraged to purchase more and often with special discounts/coupons and promotions. An excellent way to make a customer buy something is to remind them that they previously purchased from you and were happy. You can use Bulk SMS services to send a "Please revisit us, we have a special sale going on only for 'returning' customers" SMS, and you'll love your conversion rates.

  • High Conversion Rate

With their high readability and authenticity, you can expect a high conversion rate after sending a communication via SMS. The more customers read your messages, the higher the possibility to get new customers on board. The use of the Bulk SMS platform guarantees higher business growth. It is among the best marketing tools available today.

  • Low Cost and High ROI

Newspaper and TV ads with almost all other advertising forms are cost-prohibitive for most small to medium-sized businesses. On the other hand, Bulk SMS marketing has such low set-up and operating costs that campaigns are launched and executed for a fraction of costs associated with traditional marketing methods. Where else can you contact so many customers in a matter of seconds? With this cost-effectiveness and high ROI, Bulk SMS marketing is an essential marketing tool for modern SMEs.

  • Personalisation

SMS messages can also be personalised based on the customer's buying behaviour and demographics. They can be location-based and exclusively sculpted based on different stores or regions of the country. Trying and achieving this level of personalisation in any other form of marketing would be a very costly operation. However, with Bulk SMS, it can be done for almost no extra cost and having a uniquely influential impact on the recipient.

The digital revolution with the advent of the internet has remarkably contributed to a country's sustainable socio-economic development. With the increase in smartphone users, the E-commerce industry has shown the biggest boom worldwide. If you haven't already, request a demo with mTalkz today and explore their vast Bulk SMS platform. mTalkz's services are a proven marketing strategy that helps brands promote their products and services. SMS marketing campaigns impact and reach the masses efficiently and right within the budget. Using mTalkz Bulk SMS services, you can ensure better customer relationships, smooth customer experience, increased satisfaction, and reliability.

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