How to Validate Your eCommerce Product Concept

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Publish Date : 2021-09-22 07:12:08
How to Validate Your eCommerce Product Concept

You've got an amazing eCommerce product idea and are looking to start with a new online business. However, before diving into the development and production of your product, it's important to verify the facts.

A very important thing a business owner should do before launching their company finds out if there's a demand for the product they'd like to market. Are other prospective customers think that your product is as fantastic as you think it is?

Although it's thrilling as it could be to begin your new career as a business owner, there's nothing more frustrating (or costly) than putting all of your energy and time into a business that won't work. Did you know that a deficiency of eager and engaged customers is the most common reason new businesses fail and crash?

Don't let that happen to you.

The sad reality is that determining the likelihood of a business to succeed or not is much easier to say than done. Some truly bizarre eCommerce products have proven to be a huge success, for example, CBD infused candies. Other products have numerous merits but didn't take off.

Knowing how to gauge the desire for your eCommerce product before taking them to market offers you an incredible opportunity to save money as well as establish better connections with your intended audience.

Then, how can you begin?

The Essentials of Ecommerce Validation Understanding Your Product

Before you can start testing the validation strategies we'll outline in the next section, you must get the proper information. One of the major issues business owners face today is that they fail to know what they're trying to sell before jumping in headfirst.

Before you begin, sit down and discuss some issues about the logistics of the product. These questions include:

  • Who you're trying to sell to? Who's your primary market? What problems does your product solve? Do you have the most straightforward solution that is available?
  • What are you planning to sell? What is your strategy for marketing? Is it the best way to draw your ideal customer to your site? Perhaps it's by targeting users on Facebook, or maybe you're looking to get customers to search at your eCommerce product through Google?
  • Are there any specific specifications to consider? What are the best ways to transport and store your items? Are your products damaged and require additional packaging? What companies do you plan to choose to use to deliver your products to your clients?

If you've got plenty of details about the type of product you'll be selling, and why it is being sold, it's time to start the validation process.

Conduct a competitor analysis

Research is the primary component of any strategy for validation. Knowing what's happening in the marketplace today will help you understand what your customers are searching for and the solutions they already have at their disposal.

Analyzing competitors is among the most crucial elements of research you can carry out. By analyzing competitors, it is possible to determine whether there's a market for the product you're selling. Also, you can choose the extent of saturation within the market. For example, if you're selling fidget spinners in a market in which there are billions of companies selling fidget spinners, and you're likely to struggle to stand out.

When you analyze your competitors, take a look at the following aspects:

  • Pricing: What type of revenue, and more importantly, what profit do you expect to earn from this innovative concept?
  • The Popularity of the products you're thinking of selling the most popular items among your competition?
  • Gaps: Is there something you or your service could provide that your competitors cannot offer?

The easiest method to locate competitors is to conduct an easy Google search.

You can also search for hashtags #Hashtags on social media sites or look up what users are talking about on forums. Your customers' feedback and opinions about your rivals will help you determine which aspects you should focus on when developing your next product.

Review Google Trends

Google is a valuable tool for business owners who want to verify their eCommerce products' ideas. It will give you information about your product's Popularity by showing the most popular pages, and keywords search volume.

Yet, Google can also give you a better idea of the possibility that your product is another idea in the market or one that will yield an impressive and consistent growth over time. Google Trends lets you monitor the volume of searches for a particular phrase over time. It is possible to determine whether people are beginning to discuss your product more often, if there is a consistent interest or if the excitement is waning.

We can see that the interest over time quickly reached its peak in March 2017 and then fell within a matter of months.

The most successful options for your eCommerce website can bring in revenues and increase engagement in the long run. It means you need to find trends in the graph where the interest line has been growing over time or is constant over time.

Request Feedback from Customers

Two ways you can solicit feedback from your customers at the beginning of the validation process.



You can start by looking at some of the testimonials and reviews are written by customers on review websites for your competition. It is a great method of determining what other businesses are doing wrong with their products and help you ensure that your product stands apart.

Some samples of the product you are considering to a handful of team members and those you be confident in. Be careful not to attempt to collect feedback from family and friends. The information that you gather for it to be the most objective you can.

It is also possible to see what results appear when you "best online [Product]" in Google to receive feedback from thought-leaders, influencers and other thought leaders as well.

The feedback you receive across all these areas will assist you in deciding if:

  • Many people are unhappy with the purchase that is in the issue.
  • You could offer a superior product than your rivals.
  • If there is sufficient demand and interest for the product.

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