The advantages of online invoicing software

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Publish Date : 2021-03-24 07:48:32
The advantages of online invoicing software

The choice available to micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses when it comes to best invoicing software for small business is enormous. So much so that some entrepreneurs failing to know where to turn still prefer to use the essential Word and Excel.

Known to all, easy to use, they also offer integrated invoice templates.

Perfect. Except ... not originally intended for billing, they are not complete or even secure. The user will have to use an account management software alongside Word / Excel, and above all, he will have to spend a lot of time checking by hand that each invoice does not contain any errors in the numbering, the amount. , VAT, etc.

All inclusive invoicing and its relevant tasks

As said above, one of the absolute cumbersome when using Word or Excel has to combine them with software that manages the accounting. Your data is therefore not centralized, but divided between different software that does not necessarily fit well with each other.

Many online offerings prioritize transparency and ease of use for their customers, allowing access to all essential functions in one place without having jump from software to software.

Your invoices, accessible everywhere, all the time

Many entrepreneurs spend their day running from right to left, prospecting for clients, visiting construction sites, meeting funders: they need flexible software solutions that adapt to this pace of life. Thus, time spent in public transport, for example, can be effectively put to good use.

With web applications for example, you can create a quote or an invoice in a few moments, and record expenses, wherever you are: everything is saved in the cloud and accessible from anywhere, whatever the tool (smartphone, tablet, and computer).

This is one of the main advantages of these online solutions: the freedom they provide.

Invoices that comply with standards

The conditions for an invoice to be legal are numerous, but not insurmountable.

This must contain, for example, the date of issue, the invoice number, the VAT rate, whether this is excluding taxes or all taxes included, but also the contact details of the seller and the buyer.

The good news is that online invoicing software offers to do this automatically. This saves time! The invoice templates already include the required fields; you just need to enter the corresponding information.

For example, you can import a list of your customers and then simply select the customer in question from a drop-down menu, eliminating the need to manually enter contact details for each invoice.

In addition, the invoice numbers are successive and automatic: no need to remember the number of the last invoice issued. It’s a huge time saver, and in the life of an entrepreneur it’s priceless.

Customization of your invoice and quote templates

The various documents sent to current customers, and potential customers, reflect the image of the company. They must therefore be both professional and creative. Their design and layout are also important, especially for graphic designers, architects, or photographers for example.

Most online invoicing software allows you to choose an invoice template with a classic, creative, or clean style. In addition, most software allows you to customize invoices and quotes. You can indeed add a logo, edit the font, color, add a banner, or save the terms and conditions of sale by default.


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