Why Electronic Invoice is the Ultimate Requirement of Every Business in 2021?

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Publish Date : 2021-08-05 10:58:50
Why Electronic Invoice is the Ultimate Requirement of Every Business in 2021?

Why Electronic Invoice is the Ultimate Requirement of Every Business in 2021?


2021 is known as the year of post-pandemic time. When all the business owners have put their heads together to solve the problem of economic crisis. A great way to deal with the present perturbed situation is by deploying cloud-based software. The feature of e-invoicing in the post-pandemic time of 2021.


Electronic Invoicing is a kind of electronic billing. For the trading rules to be met, customers and suppliers. Use this method of electronic invoicing to track and monitor the transaction documents shared between them.

What is an Electronic Invoice?

An Electronic Invoice is an invoice used in the issuance, transmission, receiving, and processing of digital information using peculiar document formats.

What is the Major Significance of Electronic Invoice?

Gone are the days of paper invoices as enough damage. The environment has been caused by cutting the trees and manufacturing billions of papers. The time has come for the human race to realize the importance of electronic invoicing .How it can bring positive influence on the environment and reduce global warming.

Why 2021 is the Perfect time to Implement Electronic Invoices?

In the Middle East sector, ZATCA (Zakat Tax and Customs Authority) has proposed the guidelines of e-invoicing, especially for Saudi Arabia. December 2021 is the timeline of the implementation of all the electronic invoicing in your system. So by the laws of Saudi Arabia. Every business is required to implement electronic invoicing, which has amazing benefits, in this year of 2021. The awesome benefits of e-invoicing include the safety against fraudulent activities .The much quicker and reliably stronger digital system.

What is the Relation between Pandemic and Electronic Invoicing?

Since the pandemic has caused much economic loss and financial trouble to the business owners, the time has come for the compensation of losses. So all the tax and rules authorities have decided to bring changes so that the loss of business world can be recovered. Similarly, ZATCA has intended to provide complete assistance to the Saudi business and companies to implement electronic invoices in this year 2021.

Why do you Need Electronic Invoice?

Although pandemic has brought much turbulence and despite all the dark effects, human beings are filled with the wonderful quality of resilience and courage to face any calamity with patience, forbearance, and determination. The entire business world has shifted to their online version since the customer is readily interested in online shopping. To facilitate this online shopping, you must convert your present paper invoicing system to electronic invoicing sooner than the arrival of 2022.

What is QR Code Generation?

You can now generate your QR code with the simple and easy 8 steps depicted below:

  1. Choose a QR code generator.
  2. Select the type of content you are promoting.
  3. Enter your data meticulously in the form available.
  4. Consider downloading a dynamic QR code.
  5. Customize it.
  6. Test the QR code to ensure its scanning is working properly.
  7. Share your QR code with your customers.
  8. Monitor and track the performance.

What is a Dynamic QR Code?

A dynamic QR code is an advanced kind of QR code that is completely editable for seasonal marketing campaigns. This form of QR code allows you to edit your data in the QR code even after you have generated it and placed it on your advertising platforms. Also, the logo of your company can come while generating the QR code.

Advantages of QR Code?

There are various advantages of QR code but some of them are written below:

1.  Flexible:

The need for a relevant and sustainable marketing strategy gets stronger, so the dynamic QR code is the perfect solution for this problem. You can edit the information and data stored on the QR code and also you can enter different information in one QR code effectively.

2.  Multi-Functional:

The multi-functional feature exhibits the capacity of integrating two or more QR codes into one QR code. This feature allows maximum data storage and thus you can benefit from it.

3.  Environmental Friendly:

As the paper invoices will get obsolete, the Electronic Invoices suggests a better environment. By reduction in the utilization of paper, chances are high that trees will be saved and your environment will revert to its original state of greenery. Consequently, the global warming effect will be controlled as the trees remain alive by providing more oxygen for all living beings.


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