An introduction to Shortfill E-liquids

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An introduction to Shortfill E-liquids

There are different types of vape juices that you might have come across while searching for an e-juice for your vape. Of the many kinds, one that you might have found is shortfill e-liquids. Many elite and veteran hunters know what shortfills are and usually prefer them for a number of reasons. If you are new or simply don't know about this type of e-liquids then you are at the right place because, in this blog, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about shortfills. Read on to discover more with regards to what is shortfill e-liquid and to see if they may suit your vaping needs. 

What is Shortfill e-liquid? 

Shortfill is the name given to e-liquids that come to a limited extent filled or shortfill bottles. By filling the bottle mostly with nicotine-free e-liquid, with a little hole at the top, there is room for vapers to add nic shots to create their own desired nicotine strength. 

Shortfill e-liquid comes in larger bottle sizes than regular 10ml bottles of e-liquid that have been pre-mixed with nicotine. Generally, shortfill e-liquids come in sizes of 50ml, 100ml or 200ml, purchasing larger quantities of e-liquid can be more cost-effective. Each bottle of shortfill e-liquid leaves barely enough space for vapers to pour in the contents of a standard-sized nic shot bottle, blending the nic shot with the large bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid dilutes the nicotine down to the level you're used to in a regular e-liquid. 

For instance, the Vampire Vape Shortz 50ml comes in a 60ml  can add a nicotine shot of your desired strength to make a 60ml vape juice. If you add 18mg 10ml nicotine shot, you will have 60ml of 3mg e-liquid.

Why were shortfill e-liquids invented? 

Shortfill e-liquids were created to solve the hurdles caused by the Tobacco Product Directive when it was announced in 2016. The Tobacco Products Directive, or TPD, regulates the vaping business and ensures that the products vape shops sell are safe for all vapers and made to the highest quality. The directive additionally covers the manufacture, presentation, and sale of all tobacco-related products including cigarettes, roll your own tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. The biggest effect of the Tobacco Products Directive on the vaping business was the restriction that any e-liquid containing nicotine couldn't be sold in bottles larger than 10ml. Before that many vapers had been used to purchasing 50ml bottles of their favourite e-liquids. Because the Tobacco Products Directive doesn't make a difference to nicotine-free e-liquids, shortfill bottles were invented. This meant vape shops could sell larger bottles of e-liquid and vapers could add their own nicotine shots without breaking the rules of the Tobacco Products Directive. 

How are shortfill e-liquids different from regular vape juice

The key difference between shortfill e-liquids like Vampire Vape Shortz or Koncept and regular vape juice like Vampire Vape standard series 10ml is that with shortfill e-liquids, vapers need to combine two components as one to achieve their desired nicotine content.

Who are Shortfills best for? 

E-liquid, shortfill bottles are generally cost-effective than purchasing multiple bottles of 10ml nicotine e-liquids because of a greater quantity of e-juice in them thus are better for people hoping to purchase a great deal of e-liquid for less money. The larger bottle size of shortfill e-liquids is also better for people who vape large quantities in a day and don't want to carry around loads of 10ml bottles for refilling. If you vape at any nicotine strength higher than 6mg, shortfill e-liquids probably won't be sufficient for you and you will need to buy spare bottles for mixing. If you want to try shortfills e-liquid but don't know how to prepare them, you should not worry because it is fairly simple and convenient and even new vapers can do it without any prior experience. The quickest method to blend your custom nicotine strength is to just open the larger bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid and squeeze in the nic shot that came with it and give it a decent shake. Also, in the event that you're after a stronger hit of nicotine, you should add a second nic shot. 

In a nutshell, Shortfills are intended to sell a large quantity of e-juice so that one can easily buy more in one go and has the flexibility to make a mixture of desired nicotine strength which makes shortfills a great choice for every kind of vaper.

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An introduction to Shortfill E-liquids

An introduction to Shortfill E-liquids

- There are different types of vape juices that you might have come across while searching for an e-juice for your vape. Of the many kinds