How to make a skin in Minecraft?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-26 07:06:23
How to make a skin in Minecraft?

Site "The Skindex" where you can make skins
First, go to The Skindex .
By the way, The Skindex is an overseas site. It seems that this site also distributes skins. The number of published skins is quite large. Click "Editor" to display this screen. I will make a skin here.

How to operate the "The Skindex" editor

First, I will explain from the left of the menu at the top.

-Pencil Tool: You can paint the specified color dot by dot.

-Auto Tone: Brightness and saturation change automatically based on the specified color. Every time I apply 1 dot, the color appears randomly.

-Undo, Redo: Undo is "Undo" and Redo is "Redo". You can use Undo to go back to the previous work, and Redo can cancel the operation of that Undo.

-Color Picker: A "dropper" in drawing software. Click a color on the skin to load it into the color circle.

-Eraser: An eraser. You can erase the color dot by dot.

-Darken color: Darkens the specified color a little.

-Lighten color: Makes the specified color a little brighter.

In the pull-down menu on the far right, select the base 3D model from two types, "Steve (4px)" and "Alex (3px)".
The only difference is whether the shoulder width is 1 dot wide or narrow.

You can delete the skin displayed in the editor by pressing the "Reset Skin" button on the right side of the top menu.
If you erase it, you cannot restore it, so be careful not to reset it accidentally. The top is the "color circle". The outer circle is the "hue" and you choose a basic color such as red or green. The inner square is "brightness/saturation", which determines the brightness and vividness of the color you basically selected.

The 6-digit alphanumeric characters with "#" below it are "color code".
Contains alphanumeric characters obtained by converting the "RGB value" of the color selected from the color circle into "hexameric".
You can also enter the color code you want to use directly here.

The bottom bucket-like button is the so-called "fill".
It is used to apply the same color to one side of the 3D model at once.
However, please note that if you use it on a surface that has been painted with a different color in advance, it will all change to the color specified for filling. It is easy to understand if you think of "BODY" as the layer of the body and "OVERLAY" as the layer of hair, clothes, and accessories to be attached to the body. By default, both layers are on, but I think it's better to make skins from the body, so let's start by turning off the "OVERLAY" button. Below are the buttons for each part. By default, all are on and all parts are visible. The part is hidden when the button is turned off. Below that is the "MIRROR" button, which is off by default. When turned on, for example, when one arm part is painted, the same part of the other arm part is also painted. This is convenient when you want to paint symmetrically. The buttons at the bottom are "Login and upload the created skin to The Skindex", "Download the created skin", and "Open the skin file on your computer with The Skindex" from the left.

You can also edit the skins published in The Skindex with an editor.

Open the page of your favorite skin and press the "Edit skin" button on the right side, and that skin will be displayed in the editor and you can change it freely.

This is a convenient function for people who find it difficult to create from scratch.

First from "BODY"

First, select Alex on the far right of the top menu.
Because the default was Alexskin. I made it silently, and "BODY" became like this. It took less than an hour. Also, I'm a girl. I thought that "BODY" should be made in underwear because it feels like wearing clothes on top, but I made it feel like a draft of clothes to wear on top. Now let's move on to the "OVERLAY" work.

Finish the skin with "OVERLAY"
"OVERLAY" has a color slightly outside of "BODY".
The gap will make you feel like you are wearing clothes. Then, I proceeded with the work silently again, and this happened. By adding hair, I think I'm more girlish than when I was just "BODY". The image is of a girl wearing gym clothes. The sleeves are rolled up.

Download the created skin and apply it
When the skin is complete, click the "Download to Computer" button at the bottom right to download the created skin as a file. Launch the launcher and load the skin file. Then, press "Save" of "Save and upload" to complete the application. If you see "Skin upload succeeded", it's OK. Now, let's actually enter the world. Yeah, that's good. From the left, walking, sneaking, and back view. Yeah, that's good. My first self-made skin looks like this. If I want to make another skin, I'll try again.

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How to make a skin in Minecraft?

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