All You Need To Know About Mold infestations and how to tackle them

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-08-26 10:57:10
All You Need To Know About Mold infestations and how to tackle them

Mold infestation is a common enough phenomenon across the world. These microscopic fungal spores can grow on almost anything from paint, cardboard to butter, walls, and any wooden surface. All that the mold/mildew requires is an optimum temperature between 30C and 100C. And of course, the mold requires moisture to grow. Just remember that it can even grow on old, disused water pipes as well. Mold can be extremely persistent, and it can have serious health effects as well. And that's why you need to tackle this integration head-on and ensure that your property remains mold-free.

How does Mold spread?

Contrary to popular belief, Mold or fungal spores spread through the air. Naturally, this causes the fungal spores to spread both outdoors and indoors as well, on almost anything that retains a little moisture. Just know that moisture causes Mold to grow. So if you have water seepage on your property and even in your basement, then you can be sure that there's a mold infestation in your property. This is why you need to go in for Mold testing in Jefferson City at the earliest. Do remember to clean up and get yourself tested for Mold as these spores can travel on clothing and shoes as well.

How to test for mold?

Mold is common enough, and one that can be found easily in wet, temperate zones. But when it comes to determining if you have mold or not, most people get mixed up between Mold and dust. And that's mainly because the Fungal spores and dust look alike. So when you are undertaking Mold testing, spray some bleach onto the mold 'look alike '. If it is a mold, it should turn white or lighten immediately. However, if it is dust, it will remain black. Remember, to use a diluted bleach solution, for carrying out these tests. 

  • Wood and rot: One of the reasons that you would want your property tested for Mold right away is that it can cause wood to rot. Certain types don't but others do and one sure-fire test is to place pressure on the wood. If it crumbles, then rot has set in and it might be too late. You need to test the rest of your property right away.

  • Harmful effects on health: If you happen to be suffering from Asthma or a heavy cold, chances are that a mold infestation is likely to cause your condition to flare up again. This can have a dangerous effect on your health and even impede your breathing. And that's why you need to tackle this mold infestation right away. Just know that when you’re allergic to the black spots on the shower curtain or to the fuzzy white growths at the back of the refrigerator, the health issues are bound to flare up until you get these tackled right away.

  • Tackling Mold: It's easier said than done, but you can always start with dehumidifiers, and ensure that the humidity is under control. Apart from this, you need to take extra measures to avoid any water stagnation, seepage, and make sure that your home is warm during winter. This is mainly to prevent any condensation onto any hard surface which in turn can help facilitate Mold growth. Also make it a point to wipe down any wet areas within 24 to 36 hours, to prevent Mold growth. 

These are few of the methods by which you can tackle Mold and Mildew infestation head-on.

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