Interesting Facts about Sharks for Elementary Level Kids

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Interesting Facts about Sharks for Elementary Level Kids

The universe is full of numerous types of living beings, and human beings are just one of them. Due to their ability to think and speak, they consider all the other living beings unworthy. However, their existence is because of all the other living beings that have constituted the ecosystem. So, learning to acknowledge and appreciate other living beings from an early age is more than critical.

The elementary children often get to see the land animals in their surroundings which updates their knowledge. The marine animals fascinate them the most as they do not encounter them that frequently. One of the fascinating marine animals for elementary-level kids is sharks. Due to their huge structure, they appear scary, but that is not always the case.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore some interesting facts about the shark that elementary-level kids should know about.

Top 7 Interesting Facts Children Should Know About Sharks

Zoo visits are a part of every child’s vacation plans. However, not all animals are there in traditional zoos. Some like sharks and other marine animals are also present in underwater zoos, which are slowly becoming common. The elementary level kids are often too excited as well as scared about exploring sharks in real-life settings. Knowing interesting facts about them can heighten their interest too.

Here are some of the top interesting facts children should know about sharks.

1. Sharks do not have bones.

The first interesting fact children should know about sharks is that they do not have bones. They are mammals like human beings; however, their structure is made up of cartilage. Their weight is also triple times that of an average human being. Most people get Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets to arrange a special visit for their children so they can see, enjoy and remember sharks.

2. Sharks have amazing eyesight.

The next amazing fact about sharks the elementary level students should know is that they have super amazing eyesight. They can see their prey even from a distance of miles which makes them mammals with the sharpest eyesight. This is one of the qualities which is not so common in most of the mammals, but sharks possess.

3. Sharks have electroreceptor organs.

An interesting fact about sharks that mesmerizes the little students is that sharks have electroreceptor organs. It means that various organs of sharks have the ability to receive electromagnetic signals. These receptors help sharks know the temperature of the water and move towards a suitable one. It also makes them aware of vibration and movement in the water, which keeps them alert and prepared for attack.

4. Shark skin is like sandpaper.

Another interesting fact about sharks that intensifies the interest of young students to see the sharks in real life is that their skin is just like sandpaper. Sharks use their skin for breathing in the water, which is the major reason for their soft and sensitive skin that looks like sandpaper. The children can easily enjoy shark encounter at underwater zoo facilities and closely observe the unique skin type of sharks.

5. Sharks are opportunistic feeders.

Another known worthy fact about sharks is that they are opportunistic feeders. It means that they grab on every opportunity of attacking their prey and making it their food. They do not get hungry too often, but once they do, they are sure to catch their prey and enjoy it to the fullest. At times, they try to deceive their prey to make them relaxed and attack at once, due to which they are termed, opportunistic feeders.

6. Sharks have unique teeth.

A bit scary but interesting fact about sharks is that they have unique teeth. Even more interesting and captivating thing is that not all sharks have the same type of teeth, but their shape and size vary among different types of sharks. They can have up to two and three hundred teeth. Moreover, sharks get new teeth after every few years.

7. Shark age is counted by their rings.

Lastly, the most interesting fact about sharks that heightens the interest of children to see them, in reality, is that their age is counted by their rings. Black-colored rings are present on the bodies of sharks which represents the number of years they have lived. If you also want your child to explore this interesting fact, in reality, get Dubai underwater zoo tickets online and visit the facility to enjoy shark encounters.

Let your child confirm the facts by visiting an underwater zoo!

Learning about something in books only stays fresh in the memory of children for a few days. On the other hand, the things that they explore in real life stick to the memory for a lifetime. You can help your child remember details of sharks by planning a visit to an underwater zoo. So, grab your tickets now and enjoy shark encounter to help your child remember sharks.

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