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You take care of your child's health from the moment you found out about its existence. No wonder that when he is born, you want to do everything to ensure that your little one develops properly and lives in a healthy environment.


As a mom, I can let go of a lot of things, but the thing I am crazy about is good, comfortable, and safe mattresses for my children. I know that I could save on a cot or changing table, even on the number of clothes and toys, but Nadia and Maks had to sleep comfortably and on good quality mattresses from the first days of their lives. Let's face it, healthy and peaceful sleep is the basis for the proper development of a child.


Of course, before I made my choice, I read dozens of articles written by specialists: pediatricians, physiotherapists or other mothers who also had their comments and experiences. I knew there were coconut, foam, latex, and Bonnell mattresses. Each of them had its advantages and disadvantages, and my opinions were very different. It turns out that most mattress topics - like firmness zones, number of layers, etc. are myths! And when I thought that whatever I would decide, the choice would only be 50% right, why? Let's take a closer look at the mattresses offered on the market.


Children's mattress comparison

Buckwheat-foam-coconut mattress

It was the mattress that was the most popular over 5 years ago. Everyone praised it as the healthiest connection for a small spine. The sellers shouted about the amount of praise, and you could read a lot about him on the Internet. However, I do not know if you know, but after some time after production, bugs appear inside this mattress, which can be bitten by children. Also, if you are still thinking about buying this mattress, I honestly do not recommend it. Though you may be one of the few moms who are completely comfortable with the new tenants. I will not write about the advantages of this mattress, because what can be found inside the entire mattress is crossed out at the start. If you do not believe it, take a look at Marysia's blog post. Waiting for you, at the end, you will find a video with these worms, something nasty!


Bonnell mattress

A Bonnell mattress is nothing more than a standard mattress based on the structure of Bonnell springs. These mattresses are very popular due to the low price. However, the quality leaves much to be desired. It is inflexible and, above all, not very comfortable and is definitely not a good solution for a baby bed.


Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers and very healthy for the spine. One thing to remember is that, unfortunately, latex is not equal to latex. I haven't seen a mattress made of 100% natural latex yet. Manufacturers cut costs by mixing the contents of the mattress with synthetic latex, which, unfortunately, does not have such good reviews. Latex is also associated with the artificiality and smell of rubber, it is also not resistant to mold. Due to their good thermal insulation, they are not recommended for people who sweat excessively. These latter latex defects disqualified him in my eyes. Unfortunately, my little ones are deficient in vitamin D, which makes them sweat, especially at night.


Foam mattresses

On the market, we have a choice of mattresses with various types of foam, starting from the cheapest - made of polyurethane foam, through highly flexible, thermoelastic or ecological - made of vegetable oils. The selection criterion is definitely limited by the price. However, as I wrote, the mattress is not clothes or toys, but an investment in a healthy spine. Our choice was the foam mattress, we chose one of the best mattresses on the market.



The perfect mattress for us in every way

Now that my children are bigger, I know what I can recommend with a clear conscience. Have you heard of PlantPur mattresses? No? Then you will be surprised! πŸ˜‰

Imagine a plant thermoelastic mattress, free from toxins, produced in harmony with nature, with the environment in mind, and above all responding to the needs of children's organisms. PlantPur mattresses are made of natural raw materials and vegetable oils. Designed and made to take care of your baby's spine while they sleep (and we also know how babies like to squirm!). The whole idea of ​​the mattress has been wrapped and secured with an antiallergic cover, easy to clean, friendly to the delicate skin of the child. The company can boast of many certificates and approvals - and I, an ordinary mother of two, can give my word - I don't know any better ones!

And now I will surprise you again! πŸ™‚ The cover for babies has been soaked in aloe vera extract to prevent the growth of mites, fungi, and bacteria on the surface of the mattress. It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the baby's skin - even on hot days!


And that's not all… The PlantPur mattresses are two-component. They have a removable top that can be easily washed and thoroughly cleaned. Undressing a child, the bowel lining has always left permanent marks on our mattresses, if they were not secured with foil or oilcloth. Now it is no longer necessary.


It all sounds like an advertising slogan, but it describes the most important functionalities of the mattress we have chosen. I know you may have at least a few questions at the moment. I think that most of your questions and doubts can be answered


Which mattress to choose for a child, what to pay special attention to?

When looking for a product perfect for a toddler, you want to:

  • the mattress was primarily comfortable and healthy for the child's spine,
  • easy to clean,
  • did not sensitize the child and did not attract dust and mites,
  • it did not contain toxic substances and was environmentally friendly.

I found all of this at PlantPur. Not only that, the manufacturer's offer is composed in such a way that the mattresses produced grow with the children! With the second coat, you can even give up a rack or a bed, and put the mattress on the floor. So you can ensure a healthy sleep for your baby at any stage of development. And I must admit that the prices for such quality mattresses are not excessive!


A mattress for a child instead of a bed or a cot

My only regret is that I got to know these mattresses so late.

I chose PlantPur as a sleeping place for my 2-year-old instead of a crib. It lies directly on the floor and is not only a place to sleep but also the best play area. Despite the considerable height - about 25 cm, I do not have to be afraid that my son will fall off it. The problem of bumping against the rungs is also over because my son cannot lie down in one place even at night. I am extremely pleased, the more that it is an investment for many years.

Magic 101 days - try it for free.

An additional nice option is a possibility of returning the mattress. The manufacturer ensures that if the product does not convince you after 101 days of use, you can send it back! πŸ™‚ Cool isn't it? I was tempted by one of the mattresses and after a few days, I knew that I would not give it up for anything in the world!

I also have my suspicion that it is thanks to him that my son sleeps much better and calmer than my daughter, who at his age was constantly waking up.

I currently recommend the PlantPur mattress to anyone. Guests who visited us often sat on it alone, even for a while, to compare it with other mattresses in our house. The truth is, it's really hard to compare to others. It's a Lamborghini among Fiats. Anyway, I recommend you order it for a trial, for these 101 days, I'm sure you will not be disappointed. I am also waiting for another cash flow to replace the rest of the mattresses in our house, because at the moment, instead of sleeping in the bedroom with my husband, I like to sleep with Maks in his room.

If you are still wondering, remember that small children sleep a lot, old children sleep up to 10-14 hours each day, and healthy sleep is the basis of proper development! So choose right.

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