affects of drugs on women life:

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affects of drugs on women life:

Alcohol and drugs in a woman's life are a mortal danger for future generations:

Being toxic substances, psychoactive substances inevitably destroy not only the psyche but also all other vital organs and systems, depriving a woman of the opportunity to fulfill her main purpose - to become a mother. Severe, often irreversible somatic, neurological, and mental disorders develop too quickly. An asocial lifestyle, promiscuous sex life, which is often led by women who abuse alcohol and drugs, significantly increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HIV infection.

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Gross lesions of internal organs deprive not only the mother of health but also the unborn child to whom she could give life. A woman taking care of her child will not consume alcohol, and even more so drugs, long before the moment of conception and throughout her reproductive age! When using psychoactive substances, the complex endocrine regulation of the function of the female body is disrupted. The emergence and development of a normal physiological pregnancy become impossible. Menstrual irregularities occur, pathological changes in the woman's reproductive organs occur, incl. fatty degeneration of ovarian tissue. The eggs themselves, which carry the genetic information of future life, are also damaged. The main thing is that the predisposition of the unborn child to the development of narcological diseases is formed at the genetic level!

Even occasional consumption of low-alcohol drinks increases the risk of termination of pregnancy at any time, the risk of giving birth to a weak, often unviable baby. Beer, wine, other alcoholic beverages, and even more so narcotic substances form intrauterine fetal deformities. Every woman should know that at the beginning of her development, her unborn child does not have independent blood circulation, and is completely dependent on the mother's blood flow.
When taking any psychoactive substances, incl. small doses of low-alcohol drinks, the concentration of toxic substances circulating in the blood of the mother and the fetus is the same, and this is a deadly poison for a tiny nascent life!
Alcohol and drugs freely penetrate the placental barrier and cause irreparable harm to the health of the unborn child, cause severe poisoning, and can even lead to the death of the baby. Almost always, narcotic substances and alcoholic beverages lead to multiple pathologies: deformities of the skull in newborns (microcephaly, cleft lip, cleft palate), congenital heart defects, prematurity, HIV infection, syphilis, hepatitis, low body weight, neurological problems, delayed physical and mental development of the child. Even if an outwardly healthy child is born, severe complications of intrauterine alcoholization or anesthesia of an infant, such as convulsive syndrome, severe forms of epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and sudden death syndrome, will necessarily appear in the future. If a woman's addiction to alcohol or drugs develops after the birth of a child, this will inevitably have a detrimental effect on his upbringing. Mothers who are in a drunken or drug intoxication are indifferent to the future of their children. They cease to engage in upbringing, their children are pedagogically neglected, do poorly at school, often drop out of further education, become involved in the use of alcoholic beverages and drugs, embark on the path of parasitism, antisocial, often criminal behavior. Become lost to family and community. they often drop out of further education, become involved in the use of alcoholic beverages and drugs, embark on the path of parasitism, antisocial, often criminal behavior. Become lost to family and community. they often drop out of further education, become involved in the use of alcoholic beverages and drugs, embark on the path of parasitism, antisocial, often criminal behavior. Become lost to family and community.

The development of morbid addiction to psychoactive substances is natural and irrevocable:
First, it all starts with harmless samples, treats, feasts, and the search for new sensations. Such episodes are repeated over and over again, and the user of psychoactive substances thinks that he can at any time refuse to take alcohol or drugs again without any special effort. But, unfortunately, it often happens that a psychoactive substance has already enslaved a person's will, gradually and inevitably drawing him into a narcotic maelstrom. The rate at which a morbid addiction develops is due only to the specific properties of a particular chemical, i.e. the ability to cause the development of mental, and then physical dependence. Some psychoactive substances have very high carcinogenicity, and addiction develops after the first few episodes of their use. Others, such as alcohol, have a significantly lower drug potential, but sooner or later, repeated episodes of alcohol abuse will inevitably lead to the formation of a narcological illness. So, gradually and imperceptibly, there is a transition from episodic to the systematic use of a psychoactive substance. The use of a psychoactive substance becomes the main interest in a woman's life, an obsessive desire. All thoughts are focused on the search for intoxicants, reasons are invented, every event becomes a reason for drinking (taking drugs). For this, family, children, entertainment, hobbies are forgotten. Psychic dependence on a psychoactive substance develops - a constant obsessive desire for intoxication, intoxication with narcotic drugs, and a feeling of complete depression, dissatisfaction in their absence. Tolerance gradually increases - an increase in the dose of an intoxicating agent, many times higher than the initial single and daily dose, causing a feeling of satisfaction. At the same time, the body's protective reflexes are reduced, which protect against poisoning with a psychoactive substance: cough, gag reflex, etc. Physical dependence is gradually developing.

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Unfortunately, at this time, drug addicts rarely seek medical help, they have significantly reduced criticism of their condition. The overwhelming majority think that they can independently refuse to take a psychoactive substance, denying the recognition of the existing problem. The painful addiction progresses, the next stage of the narcological illness is gradually forming.
The second stage of drug addiction. The formed mental dependence is joined by persistent physical dependence. The systematic use of a psychoactive substance leads to a restructuring of all biochemical processes in the body. Total irresistible craving for alcohol or drugs develops. The need to take a psychoactive substance manifests itself both in a state of intoxication and during a period of remission, which leads to a complete loss of quantitative and situational control, and can end in tragic death from an overdose. The desire for drug addiction reaches such strength that for the sake of receiving a dose, drug addicts commit serious crimes - theft, robbery, and even murder. Persons with alcohol dependence, having started drinking, cannot stop and get drunk until they completely lose their human appearance, no longer take into account the situation, and then drunkenness threatens with serious consequences. Alcoholic excesses can last for weeks, some get drunk constantly, others periodically "go" into binges. People with alcohol dependence are increasingly experiencing palimpsests - loss of memory of certain periods of intoxication, when tomorrow, waking up from a hangover, they cannot even remember where and for what reason they drank, and how they returned home. An abstinence syndrome develops when, after the cessation of the intake of alcohol or drugs, a painful condition develops, accompanied by severe somatoneurological manifestations: headache and pain in the region of the heart, heart rhythm disturbances, a significant increase in blood pressure, tremors throughout the body, alternating chills and pouring sweat, complete lack of performance and the inability to sleep well. The narcotic substance no longer affects the improvement of mood, it is taken to avoid the most severe withdrawal symptoms.

affects on social life :

Patients become indifferent to loved ones, neglect elementary moral and ethical principles. There is a break in family ties, complete social maladjustment, criminalization of the individual, and then complete degradation against the background of severe damage to all systems and organs. In people who drink, drinking alcohol for several hours removes the signs of withdrawal, but then they return with even greater force. A vicious circle occurs, and the patient falls into a binge. All this characterizes physical dependence. Drunkenness may be delayed, but increasingly occurs in the morning. Often at this stage of the disease, acute psychoses develop - conditions accompanied by threatening hallucinations, impaired thinking, and perception.


Drug Addiction Treatment Centre in Lahore

The patient becomes dangerous to others and can cause irreparable harm to his health. Gradually, severe somatic diseases of internal organs associated with chronic poisoning with alcohol and its surrogates, narcotic drugs are added. Infection occurs with hepatitis B, C, D, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and HIV infection. The third stage of drug addiction is characterized by complete decrepitude of the body, general impoverishment of the psyche, impaired intelligence, and loss of individual personality traits. Narcotic drugs or alcohol have not brought pleasure for a long time, they are taken in order to somehow exist. Taking a psychoactive substance is necessary almost constantly, due to a significantly reduced tolerance, in small doses throughout the day. The purpose and meaning of life have long been lost. Dementia develops, emotional attachments are lost, social connections are lost, personality degradation sets in, all human systems and organs are terminally ill without exception. The catastrophe that has arisen is no longer possible to correct and human life in this case turns into a miserable existence without a goal, without meaning, without at least some kind of perspective.


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