alcohol side effects

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alcohol side effects

Alcohol is a colorless alcohol-containing liquid that has a calming and suppressive effect on the central nervous system. It is consumed internally mainly in the form of beer, wine, or spirits. at GHAMKOL decent rehab center will examine your body.

Few people think that alcoholism is a very serious disease caused by the systematic consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Its symptoms are a constant need for alcohol, mental, somatic, and neurological disorders, decreased physical activity, decreased mental performance, personality degradation. People with alcoholism do not have a proper place of residence, as well as their appearance.

In small doses, alcohol acts as an antidepressant that helps release muscle tension and relax. Aim the problem Is That FEW people can stay at the level of small doses of consumption. If the dose of alcohol is increased, then a body can face many problems until death

Alcohol in large doses has a depressant effect, which depresses the psyche, weakens a person's will, and also causes a person's loss of interest in his life.

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Women alcoholics have 2.5 times more than healthy non-drinkers of various diseases in the field of gynecology, mainly leading to infertility.


The brain is the most active patron of energy. The negative effect of alcohol on the brain is associated with impaired access to oxygen to neurons as a result of alcohol poisoning. Alcoholic dementia, which quite Develops with prolonged alcohol use, is the result of the death of brain cells.

Increasing the consumption of alcohol then directly affects the cerebral cortex cells it is the thinking area of the brain. Autopsies of alcoholic’s Who-have died Even at a young age Relatively Often reveal a significant depletion of the brain, the cerebral cortex especially.

Alcohol is very harmful to a living body it damages all parts of the body. Currently, the harmful role of alcoholism in the development of acute and chronic diseases has-been proven. Diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy a leading place in the structure of mortality in the population. Under the influences of alcohol, the heart muscle is affected, quite lead to serious illness and death X-ray examination year Reveals Increase in the volume of the heart, quite does not Develop in all patients suffering from chronic alcoholism, the goal can Occur in patients with an alcoholic has Relatively short experience. The drug addiction treatment center in Lahore is the best rehab center in the world. Even in healthy people, after a large dose of alcohol, cardiac arrhythmias May APPEAR, the purpose they gradually to disappear spontaneously. Alcohol abuse Contributes to the development and progression of hypertension, coronary heart disease, and is often life because of heart attacks. Diseases of the external breathing system. Breathing is synonymous with life.

This is inhalation and exhalation, quite regularly alternate. The respiratory process has four stages, if any of them disturb, it will be serious respiratory distress. In patients suffering from the 1st course of chronic alcoholism, some stimulation of the function of external breathing is NOTED: Increases the minute volume of breathing, breathing Becomes more frequent. As the disease progressed, breathing worsens, various diseases May Occur (chronic bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, tuberculosis).

Often alcohol is combined with tobacco. With the simultaneous exposure of these two poisons, their harmful effect is Even More Increased. Tobacco smoke damages the structure of alveolar macrophages - cells protect lung tissue from organic and mineral dust, microbes and neutralize viruses and destroy dead cells.

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