different consequences of drug use

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different consequences of drug use

A multitude of intoxicants has a high potential for addiction. In addition to legal drugs such as alcohol or tobacco, these include above all illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, and cannabis. With some of these addictive substances, even a single consumption can have serious consequences for the physical and mental health of those affected. The longer the consumption continues, the more severe the effects become. It is therefore important to act as early as possible in order to keep the long-term effects of drug use as low as possible.

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first, the effect of drug use:

Whether hard or soft drugs - the use of intoxicants of any kind leads to many limitations and problems in the long run. It is impossible to predict exactly which negative consequences of drug addiction will occur in those affected - just as little as the point in time at which the effects of drug abuse will be felt for the first time. In a similar way to alcohol addiction, there are many people who have been able to consume cannabis, ecstasy, or even heroin for years without any negative effects being noticed. Nevertheless, various factors can be identified that contribute significantly to how early or late the first effects of drug use become visible. These include, for example:

  • Type of drug
  • Consumption amount
  • Duration of consumption
  • Possible mixed-use with other drugs
  • Individual disposition

consequences of drug use : 

People who use illegal drugs become addicts in the long run and often experience serious physical, psychological, and social problems. All drugs - whether legal or illegal - have in common that they lead to changes in brain structures. The permanent activation of the reward system leads to a kind of overstimulation that increases the activation threshold for positive stimuli enormously in the long run. Stimulations such as reading a good book or taking a relaxing bath, which could normally activate the reward system, are no longer strong enough to induce well-being and relaxation. 

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This creates a vicious circle. In order to feel good, those affected consume drugs or other psychotropic substances. After the effect wears off, they feel all the worse, so that they consume again to feel better. This effect is particularly pronounced with cocaine consumption, which literally transforms the user into an energy-free “heap of misery” when the effect diminishes.

The physical consequences of drug use:

The physical consequences of drug consumption depend primarily on the substance in question and can appear in different ways.

Cannabis is one of the substances whose consumption is very popular, especially among adolescents and young people. This is underscored by its reputation as a "soft" drug. Contrary to its supposed harmlessness, the drug is also one of the psychoactive substances that can trigger addiction. With daily consumption, the risk of addiction is 1: 3. In addition, cannabis appears again and again as a gateway drug. In other words: the transition from soft to hard drugs is easier the more often the supposedly harmless substance is consumed. if a person is addicted to drugs then he will be a psychiatric patient. in this case, he should treatment at Best Rehabilitation Center.

The potential physical and psychological harm that cannabis use can cause should not be taken lightly either:

  • Higher risk of heart disease, stroke, or lung disease
  • Decrease in performance and ability to concentrate
  • Decrease in memory and IQ
  • Nausea
  • The so-called motivational syndrome, which is characterized by a strong lack of drive
  • Development of psychosis


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