how to take medicine?

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how to take medicine?

The lack of adherence to therapy among people with cardiovascular diseases is repeatedly complained about. What is meant by this is that unfortunately, very many patients do not take their medicines as prescribed. For example, they are not taken regularly or they are stopped prematurely. The consequences are, for example, that blood pressure and cholesterol levels are not reduced sufficiently and the patients do not achieve their therapeutic goals. Many patients are understandably confused when they read the package insert for their heart medicine. They fear that this will harm their health rather than help. Depending on the drug, the side effects described in the instructions for use only occur in very few patients. some times they will become drug-addicted  Others subside over the course of treatment. It is crucial, however, that the benefits outweigh the possible risks of all approved drugs.

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For example, those affected do not immediately notice the benefits of a remedy for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. It should be noted, however, that not only high blood pressure and high cholesterol values ​​should be lowered. It is much more important to avoid the side effects such as stroke or heart attack. It is therefore important that the doctor's recommendations for use are followed.

With some remedies for cardiovascular diseases, an improvement can be felt quickly. Even then, the following applies: The drugs must not be discontinued, but must continue to be taken as prescribed by the doctor. The same applies if the medication no longer works as well or side effects occur. Before stopping an agent or changing the dose, you must always speak to your doctor. if you didn't know how to take medicine then you should contact the best rehab center. Medicines should always be taken with sufficient fluids, preferably with a glass of water. Some drinks, such as milk or grapefruit juice, are rather unsuitable as they can influence the effectiveness of tolerance.

Some medicines should not be taken with others. That is why it is important that the attending physician is informed about all medication taken in order to make a correct prescription. This also applies to medicines bought without a prescription in the pharmacy, drugstore, or best rehab center.

If the intake is missed once, the intake should not be doubled the next time. The intake is continued as usual. Instructions for use (e.g. before or after a meal), storage of the drug, and further recommendations can be found in the package insert.

Medication intake schedule:
Adherence to therapy, i.e. regular intake of one or more medications, is crucial for the success of therapy. A medication plan simplifies the correct intake and serves as a reminder for the intake or for whether or not it has already been taken.

Important information for taking medication:

Always follow your doctor's recommendations for use.
Read the instructions for use (package insert) carefully.
Always take your medication with enough fluids, preferably with a glass of water.
Under no circumstances should you change the dosage of a medication or stop taking it without consulting your doctor.
Contact your doctor if you experience any side effects.
If possible, keep some tablets at your workplace in case you forget to take them at home.
Always have a sufficient supply of tablets, especially when you travel.
Supportive therapy: patients can do this themselves
Each patient can contribute to achieving the best possible therapeutic success when taking medication.
Healthy eating:
In many cases, the right diet can go a long way towards treating people with the disease. Many cardiovascular diseases can be improved by reducing an existing excess weight. For example, blood pressure can drop by 2 to 4 mmHg per kilogram of body weight lost.

But radical cures or the diets advertised in many magazines do not bring lasting success. Rather, it is necessary to switch to a balanced, conscious diet. Although this does not bring quick success, it does result in sustained weight loss. An eye for the calorie content of food and a consciously low-salt and low-fat diet has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system and general well-being. Foods rich in vitamins and fiber are also cheap.

In general:

Vegetables, salads, fruit, and potatoes should be given priority over meat and fatty foods. Fish dishes, once or twice a week, can also make a positive contribution to atherosclerosis or high cholesterol.

You should also pay attention to the calorie content of beverages. Instead of lemonade, you should drink water or unsweetened tea. Lemonade and other soft drinks are high in sugar. Although fruit juices provide vitamins and fiber, they are often high in sugar. Therefore, fruit juices should only be consumed in moderation and freshly squeezed juices or fruit juices without added sugar should be preferred.

Food should be salted as little as possible because many foods already contain a lot of salt. Salty foods such as canned fish or meat, ham, processed cheese, or ready meals should be avoided.

Lower cholesterol levels:
A healthy diet can also have a positive effect on increased cholesterol levels. The cholesterol ingested through food does not play as important a role as previously assumed. Strict avoidance of foods high in cholesterol, such as eggs or liver, is not necessary for most patients. A slightly reduced cholesterol intake is usually sufficient. if you are addicted to drugs then you should visit the best rehab center in lahore.

Of greater importance are the saturated fatty acids, which are mainly found in animal fat, but also in some vegetable oils such as palm oil or coconut fat. These fats raise cholesterol levels. In contrast, the so-called unsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid or linoleic acid, which are mainly found in olive oil, corn oil, or sunflower oil, but also in nuts, have a positive effect on the cholesterol level. A low-fat diet and the consumption of unsaturated instead of saturated fatty acids make an important contribution to health.

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