5 common problems that plague carpet cleaning

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-06-04 15:58:44
5 common problems that plague carpet cleaning

How many times have you tried cleaning your carpet and found it to have been ineffective? You may blame your carpet cleaning service provider for a bodgie job. However, the truth is, when carpet cleaning in Brisbane Southside, cleaners often encounter common problems that may not always come with a quick fix, especially if you clean your carpets independently. Listed below are some such carpet cleaning issues. 

1. Carpet wicking and browning

Carpet wicking is a common problem where the stains, after one cleaning session, resurfaces. This happens because grime is much deeper and comes to the surface after drying. Using excess water or steam cleaning on a humid day can be causative factors here. 

Carpet browning, on the other hand, is when the carpet has brown patches due to over-wetting. This is a problem that occurs when steam cleaning a carpet. 

Both of these problems can be solved by reducing the amount of water used or by opting for dry cleaning. 

2. Stain removal

Rule number one when dealing with stains is to clean them as soon as possible. When stains are left for too long, they form chemical compounds with the carpet fibres, making it hard to clean later on. However, we cannot always clean it immediately after staining. The next best solution is to use the right cleaning solution for the right stain. 

On the off chance that you don’t know what the stain type is, you may need to conduct some experiment to determine which solution or agent works. Regardless of the solution, make sure you don’t press the stain too hard. 

3. Carpet crushing

Carpet crushing is something that most cleaners notice, especially when cleaning polyester and polypropylene carpets. Crushing is seen in areas of the carpet where most foot traffic is received and cannot be cured by steam cleaning. Regular vacuuming, however, can help slow the process. 

4. Soil filtration

You may not know this, but your carpets keep the air in your room filtered. They automatically absorb the soil, leading to what is known as soil filtration. Soil filtrations are dark lines found on carpets when the grime is embedded into the fibres. These lines are especially prevalent in places where the airflow is strong and unhindered. While specialised treatment can help remove soil, the lines are bound to appear again over time.

5. Urine removal

The problem with cleaning pet urine from carpets is that the stain goes deeper than other stains. This can cause a lasting odour even after cleaning. A contributory factor is the invisible urine stains that may not have been cleaned properly. Yet another issue is the time it takes to clean carpets in case of pet urine; sometimes, it’s better to change the whole rug.


Keeping your carpets clean and odour-free can be a task sometimes, especially when problems like wicking and soil filtration are bound to come back even after a thorough clean. The trick is in knowing when to give up and buy a new carpet; a professional cleaner can help you determine the same. 


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