Essential things you should know when refinishing a hardwood floor!

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-06-14 09:01:16
Essential things you should know when refinishing a hardwood floor!

Are you under the assumption that refinishing hardwood floors is as taxing and expensive as it's installing it? Well, then you are in for some good news. You would be surprised to know that refinishing your hardwood floor can actually be a very easy and quick method and wouldn't cost you a lot either. And what’s best? The process would make your hardwood floor as good as new.

Important things to know before refinishing hardwood floors!

It seems you're super eager to give your hardwood floors a new life via a refinishing process. Just keep in mind some important points while carrying out the steps:

  • Why do you require refinishing your hardwood floor? — Is your floor too worn out or very dirty and dull? Or it has aged and is showing clear signs of wear and tear? Because these are the prime reasons when you should consider refinishing your hardwood floor.
  • Not all hardwood floors can be refinished — Even while we say that refinishing is an excellent step to bring a new life to your timber floors, remember that it is not suitable for all kinds of floors. Like, if your hardwood floor is too damaged and very aged, and even this refinishing project will not bring its gleam and shine back. You will have to go for a replacement of the floors immediately.
  • Cleaning the hardwood floor isn’t as difficult as it seems — We are sure you know that before the sanding, which is a very prominent part of the hardwood’s refinishing process, you have to clean the hardwood floors thoroughly. And if you think that this is a very difficult step, then you are very much wrong again. It actually involves just three steps wherein you have to – first, clear the area of the solid dust particles; second, you have to vacuum the floors to remove even the finest sediments of dust on it; and third, you have to clean the floor with a micro-fiber cloth so that it becomes totally free of any dust and dirt.
  • Professional sanding and polishing — Now the final and most important thing that you should remember is -- sanding and polishing are two very important processes of refinishing your hardwood floor. And that too these should be done by only an expert in hardwood flooring in Wellington like the Native Grain Flooring team. They provide all sorts of services for your hardwood floors like polishing, sanding, and even installation of new floors. When you are doing this step through a professional (or handling any other matter related to timber flooring at large), there is no room for mistakes and your floor becomes totally perfect and outstanding.

Following these steps ensure that your hardwood refinishing is flawless and without any glitches. After this, you can stay assured that your hardwood floor is going to gleam and shine and also be in a healthy condition for another ten years or so.


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