Essential home inspection tips and how to navigate one successfully

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Publish Date : 2021-09-25 07:21:47
Essential home inspection tips and how to navigate one successfully

These days, a home inspection is a crucial part of any real estate deal and one that most buyers will insist on, for obvious reasons. The home inspector would, in all likelihood, be independent and hired to vet the property. And as a seller, you would just receive just a ten-day notice before the inspector descends on your property. And if your property is brand new, sans any issue, then you would have absolutely nothing to worry about. But it would be advisable to review these essential tips, just in case - so check them out.

  • Ask for help: This might be a tad hard to swallow but if you are unsure about what a home inspection is, then you may want to approach your real estate agent. Most real estate agents would be more than happy to help you navigate a home inspection in Ottawa. Make sure that you take notes, as the estate agent provides you with helpful inputs. He would make it possible for you to strategize and plan for the home inspector’s visit - from how to prioritize certain repairs to figuring out whether you have enough time to hire a contractor to fix pending issues.

  • Do not rush the inspector: If you are expecting a home inspection, one of the worst mistakes that you could make is rushing an inspector through a visit. That’s a red flag for any inspector and one that indicates that as a homeowner, you have something to hide. So don’t rush an inspector through any visit and offer complete access.

  • Do not impede an inspector during his visit: It may not sound like a big deal to have your dogs around as the inspector takes a close look at your digs. But that’s a mistake as some pets tend to be over-possessive. Any pet-related mishap is bound to impact the outcome of your inspection report. Apart from this, make sure that the inspector has complete access and do not attempt to thwart the inspection in any way, either on your own or with the help of your pets.

  • Make sure that your home is in good working condition: Remember that the inspector is there to figure out if your property is worth purchasing. So at the very least, make sure that all the utilities, including gas and electricity supplies, are in fine working condition. Make sure that all the appliances and light bulbs work and that there are no leaking pipes either.

  • Determine your leverage: When it comes to selling your property, you're bound to carry out a few negotiations with the buyer. And when you do, you'll need to leverage your property and negotiate accordingly. And the inspection report is bound to help you as you negotiate with the buyer.

  • Deal with the repairs right away: And while the negotiations are taking place, you need to decide whether to be upfront with the buyer, regarding all the major and cosmetic repairs you may have carried out. It would be advisable, to be frank, and honest with the buyer as that creates a good impression.

These are some of the essential tips you must act on, especially when it comes to a home inspection.

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