Top 4 Tips to Beautify Your Plain Exterior Walls

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-08-27 11:15:12
Top 4 Tips to Beautify Your Plain Exterior Walls

Life is too short for plain walls and dull houses. After decorating the interiors of your house, it’s finally time to give some attention to the exterior as well. Especially the exterior wall of your house, if it is really plain and looks dull, then your house fails to create an impressive first impression. Why don't you jazz it up with some of the tips we have provided in this post for you?

 Tips to enhance the beauty of the exterior walls of your house

Alright, before you start reading about the best ways to glam up the exterior walls of your house, why don't you ensure that this side is tough, strong, and ready for decoration? To ensure this, get a proper job of waterproofing done on your roof, on the outside walls, and even other parts of the house to ensure that the exterior is perfectly prepared for all the decorative steps. You can get the best quality of waterproofing membrane in NZ from Hydroproof. They have all sorts of waterproofing solutions for your house and even their work is 100% accurate. Now read about those tips to adorn your exterior walls perfectly:

  • An impressive wooden wall art — We all know that wood looks totally sophisticated anywhere. And if you have a considerable wooden décor in your home, you will certainly have lots of planks and chunks wasted too. What we suggest is, don't waste them. Utilise those pieces of wooden items and create fantastic art for your exterior walls. Especially in the front door area, this would look really very impressive.
  • Creative spray painting — Yes, we were against the plainly decorated exterior walls. But no one said that you can't be creative in this section of your house and try your hands on spray painting. You can assume the exterior walls of your house as a plain canvas and use multiple colours of spray painting over this area to create a fantastic looking wall that can be as colourful as you like and even in neutral shades if you love them. You may even use stencils and spray paint to create motifs on the walls.
  • Using flowers to add colour and charm — Flowers are charming, they are also very colourful. So, if you are looking for a sweet and imposing kind of décor for your exterior walls, flowers can do magic. But we don't literally mean that you have to adorn the entire wall with multiple flowers. You can pick the décor accessories of artificial flowers and hang on these walls. Even going for floral wallpapers is a great idea.
  • Hanging empty frames — Now we just loved this idea of enhancing the beauty of the exterior wall of your house. You can be as creative as you like and create frames using the discarded wood or fibre or any other material that you love. You can even colour them if you like and create a fabulous design on these walls. No need to fill in the frames, they look catchy even when they're empty.

When you decorate the exterior wall of your house with these tips, we are sure your home would look as charming and beautiful as you are. The remaining is your creativity. Like, you can mingle ideas. Hang wooden empty frames in the shape of window-panes and then use hanging planters below them and fill it up with colourful flowering plants – and you can spray paint the backdrop in colours of nature. Voila! You have the most artistic exterior wall for your home – what say? 

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