Quick Tips for a Convenient Granny Flat!

Author : Eada hudes
Publish Date : 2021-05-22 13:23:32
Quick Tips for a Convenient Granny Flat!

Were you successful in getting the permissions for extending your private property and adding a granny flat in it? Well, in such case congratulations! You have succeeded in adding another small apartment to your property that can be used for any elderly member of the house or you can simply occupy it yourself as your peaceful retreat or even rent it out for paying guests. In a crux, this extra space in your home is definitely a cherry on top of the cake.

How to Add Pizzazz to your Granny Flat?

Just because your granny flat is a small compact space, it need not stay plain and dull. You can make it as decorative as you want and that too without investing much. Wondering how? Keep reading.

  • Choose a convenient layout —Since the space is very low in your granny flat, if you want to make it extremely comfortable and convenient, you have to choose the layout very wisely. Consider ideal plans for smaller houses when designing your kitchen and living room and even bathroom so as to get more leg space in the place.
  • Paint in pleasant shades —We would highly recommend you not to go for dark colors when you are painting your granny flat. The area is compact, so you have to make this place as cheerful as you can. So, select the light shades of pastels or creams or beige for a wonderful and chirpy environment. Hire the house painters in Auckland from Ayda Painting And Decorating for the best painting job. They carefully color your interiors, exteriors, and all such projects and even guide you about the right shades that would suit your granny flat the best.
  • Add mirrors for a nice effect — Some experts also recommend you to add as many mirrors in the decoration of the granny flat as you can. Because we all know how mirrors create an illusion of more light and space and enhance the look and size of the place.
  • Don’t cramp the place — We know you are super excited to decorate your granny flat. But that doesn't mean that you have to select each and every piece of furniture that comes to your mind. Be very thoughtful in picking up the pieces for this house. Only get the useful ones and that too in moderate size so that the place doesn't look cramped and overcrowded.
  • Keep privacy in mind — Perhaps you are not renting the place after all or not even dedicating it to the elderly members of the house. But still, you have to consider the privacy factor when designing a granny flat. Most of the time we have seen the granny flat is connected to the living room or deck. Even if you are doing so, keep in mind to create a door that can be used when you want to keep this area private.

Well, now the beautiful extension of your house looks more homely and cheerful. Kudos that you have used all these tactics to design it wonderfully.

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